Ecuador is situated in South America and bordered by Colombia, Peru and Pacific Ocean. Quito is the capital of Ecuador which is declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Guayaquil is the largest city of Ecuador. Ecuador was the home to many civilizations such as Machalilla culture, the Canari, the Quitus and Valdivia culture. Each civilization has its own pottery, religious interests and architecture. Ecuador was the colony of Spain and declared independence from Spain in 1820 after 300 years of colonization and from Gran Colombia in 1830. The independence was recognized by Spain in 1940.


Ecuador is divided in to three major geographical regions such as La Costa, La Sierra and La Amazonia along with Region Insular. Ecuador is a democratic republic led by an elected president. President is the head of the state and head of the government. Executive power of Ecuador is vested on the government and the legislative power is on the Congress as well as on the government. Judiciary system is independent from executive and legislative powers. Economy of Ecuador depends on resources like fish, timber, shrimp, gold, agriculture and petroleum. Crude oil is the largest export commodity of the nation.


Population of Ecuador is more than 14 million and the country has ethnically diverse population. Mestizos are the largest group which consists of 65% and 25% consists of Amerindians. About 95% of the population is Roman Catholic and other religions are Jews, Muslims, Baha’i and Buddhism. Ecuador is a famous for its natural splendors and architectural sites. Quito which is the capital of the country has many popular tourist spots. The city has the ruins of Inca civilization. In Quito, many of the ancient buildings and architectures have been preserved which made it to be listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. In Quito, you can visit La Virgen del Panecillo, cultural complex, Botanical Gardens and parks. Enjoy cable car ride which is the second highest in the world is in Teleferiqo.


Guayaquil has the biggest sea port of the country and Galapagos Islands are easily accessible from Guayaquil port which is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Museums of this city are worth visiting. Cuenca is an old city which again the World Heritage Site where you can enjoy boat ride or fishing in Banos Lake. Esmeraldas is another important port popular for the fantastic beaches. Muisne Island is also a famous tourist destination of Ecuador.


Cotopaxi National Park located near Latacunga has the world’s highest volcano which is also active provides opportunities to take photographs. In the National Park, you can find several species of animals and plants. Otavalo, a town has a market situated at Poncho Square that sells anything such as belts, blankets, carpets and other such things. El Cajas National Park is famous for camping, hiking and trout fishing and the park is famous for its several waterfalls and lakes. New Cathedral is located in Cuenca has a series of cupolas which are sky-blue in color. You can find magnificent altar and Virgin Mary’s crowned image in the cathedral.