Colombia is located in South America and bordered by Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. The country is sharing maritime border with Haiti, Jamaica, Venezuela, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. The country is second largest in terms of area after Brazil in South America. The original inhabitants of Colombia are indigenous people includes Tairona, Quimbaya and Muisca. In 1499, the Spanish conquered the area to make it the Viceroyalty of New Granada which consists of modern Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Panama and Ecuador. In the year 1819, Colombia won independence from Spain.


Colombia is the part of ‘Ring of Fire’ which is a region subject to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Colombia is a democratic republic in which the government has three branches such as Judicial, executive and legislative. President is the head of the state as well as the head of the government. Economy of Colombia mainly depends on food processing, textiles, clothing, oil and footwear, chemicals, cement, coal, gold, emeralds and beverages. Colombia is a free market economy as the investment and commercial ties are with the United Nations.  Now, tourism is also becoming a part of the Colombia’s economy. Because of the internal conflict, tourists hesitated to visit Colombia and now things are changed.


Colombia has a population of more than 46 million becoming the third populous country of Latin America. About 58% of the population is Mestizo, 20% has European ancestry, 14% has mixed European and African ancestry, 3% has mixed Amerindian and African ancestry, 4% ha s African ancestry and 1% is indigenous Amerindians. Majority of the Colombian are Spanish speaking people. Colombia has a total of 101 languages and among them 80 are living languages. Among the population, 95% are Christians and rest consists of Judaism, indigenous religions, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism.


Several tourist destinations are there in Colombia with rich flora and fauna. Tourists are attracted to Colombia from all around the globe with its diverse culture and historical past. Bogota which is the capital of Colombia has many popular destinations. Some of the popular tourist spots in Bogota are old architectural buildings, Donacio Botero, Gold Museum, Casa De Moneda, La Candelaria and Museo Nacional. Cali is a city where you can visit the zoo, Museo Arqueologico La Merced and Museo del Oro. Madelin is a city in Colombia famous for flower export and the city has attractions such as Museo de Antioquia, Pueblito Paisa, nightclubs, shops and restaurants.


Caribbean Coast of Colombia has many tourist resorts, beaches and hotels. The country’s most famous park, the Tayrona National Park with deep bays, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and coconut trees is located in Caribbean Coast. You can enjoy jungle trip near Amacayu National Park which is located in the Amazon Basin. San Augustin Archaeological Park is an interesting tourist spot where you can find massive stone statues and several relics. You can also see the artificial burial caves which are painted with the geometric patterns of pre-Colombian period in Tieerradentro. Guajira Peninsula is a place where you can enjoy the great countryside of Colombia.