Fiji is situated in South Pacific Ocean in Melanesia. Fiji, the island nation is an archipelago with over 332 islands. Among the islands, 110 islands are inhabited and there are over 500 islets surrounding the islands. There are two main islands such as Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. The capital of Fiji is Suva which is located in Viti Levu Island. Suva is also the largest city in Fiji. Evidences of pottery art show that the first settlers of Fiji came around 3500 to 1000 BC. The first settlers of Fiji are supposed to be the Lapita people or Polynesian ancestors.


British colony was established in Fiji 1874 and Fiji got independence from Britain in the year 1970. Fiji is actually a democratic republic with parliamentary system in which Prime Minister is the head of the government and head of the state is the President. The government of the country is the executive power and legislative power is exercise by the both Fijian Parliament and government. Judicial system is independent from the legislative and executive power. Four coups were taken place in Fiji after independence. After 1987, either the military is directly ruling the nation or influencing the governments.


Fiji is one among the developed economies in the realm of Pacific Islands. The major sources of revenue are the sugar exports and tourism. The population of the island nation is 849,000 and among the people, 54.3% is native Fijians with Melanesian and Polynesian ancestry and Indo-Fijians who consists of 38.5%. Indo-Fijians are with Indian ancestry as the British brought some contract laborers from India when Fiji was the colony of Britain Empire. Majority of native Fijians (97.2%) are Christians and Indo-Fijians are following religions such as Islam and Hinduism. The official languages of the nation are English, Fiji Hind and Bau Fijian.


Fiji is famous for scenic and beautiful landscapes and there are a variety of tourist attractions in Fiji. The variety of tourist spots includes greenery, beautiful beaches, cultural sites, natural landscapes, sightseeing places and beautiful cliffs. Suva, the capital of the nation is the center of tourism and business. Suva is famous for the beaches and coastline and the city is also famous for historical structures, monuments, museums, relics, restaurants and night clubs. Lautoka is also called as Sugar City because of the abundance of sugarcane plantations. Bouma National Park is famous tourist spot as you can see the tropical rainforest with evergreen trees and volcanic peaks there.


You can also visit the Yasawa islands which has fishing villages and volcanoes. The tourists can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at Coral group Islands. Natadola beach is a beautiful beach with white sand suitable for picnickers and sunbathers. Another tourist spot of Fiji is the Muka caves through which the tourist can enjoy a train ride provided by Coral railways. Navala village is a beautiful village with native Fijians who are residing in houses made of bamboo and the houses will have only one room. Aqua Trek Shark encounter is the diver’s paradise where the divers will get an opportunity to face deadly sharks. You will get safety equipments and professional trainers.