Australia occupies the mainland of Australian continent, Tasmania Island and several other small islands in Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. New Zealand, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, East Timor and Indonesia. The humans settled in Australia about 40,000 years ago known as the indigenous Australians. Dutch explorers discovered Australia in 1606 and in the year 1770, Britain claimed the eastern half of the Australia.  Six colonies formed a federation in the year 1901 and became the country Australia. The capital of the country is Canberra. Australia is a developed country and has high ranks in quality of life, life expectancy, public education, civil liberties’ protection, political rights, economic freedom, health care and human development.


Australia is one of the members of Commonwealth Nations, OECD, ANZUS, APEC, World Trade Organization, Pacific Islands Forum and G20. Australia follows constitutional monarchy that uses parliamentary system. Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of the nation and viceroys of Australia represent her in Australia. The executive power is executed by Australian constitution led by Governor-General. The legislative power is vested up on Queen, Senate and House of Representatives. Judiciary powers are executed by the High Court of Australia and federal courts.


The economy of Australia is free-market economy with low poverty rate and high per capita income. The economy of Australia is the thirteenth largest in the world. The population of Australia has reached 22 million and 90% of the people are European descents. Among the people Australians, English, Scottish, Irish, Italian, Chinese, German and Greek are there. Three-fourth of the population is living in coastal areas and metros. The defacto language of Australia is English and Australian English has similar spellings and Grammar to that of the British English with some exception, but Australian English has a distinctive lexicon and accent. Other languages spoken are Cantonese, Italian and Greek. About 70 indigenous languages have been survived the test of time.


Majority of the population are following Christianity and other religions are Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism. Australia is a perfect holiday destination for the tourists that offer rich cultural and art tradition, aboriginal traditions, different varieties of fauna and flora and sunny beaches. Blue Mountains are a calm place with beautiful valleys, eucalyptuses and splendid backwoods. Blue Mountains have places that are worth visiting such as Jenolan Caves, Katoomba, Leura, Bilpin and Lithgow. Fraser Island which is the biggest sand island in the world has several beautiful destinations such as sand dunes, cliffs, gorges and beaches.


Great Barrier Reefs is one of the greatest tourist attractions of Australia where the tourists can enjoy sailing, surfing, rafting and scuba diving. The Great Barrier Reef is the home of over 2900 reefs as well as seventy one coral islands that consist of several species of corals, birds, molluscs, corals and many other animals. Kangaroo Island is another famous tourist spot where you can find mainly kangaroos, echidnas, koalas, platypuses, wallabies, dolphins, goannas and other animals. Kangaroo Island consists of Seas Bay with about 6000 seals species and Flinder’s Chase National Park.  Purnululu National Park has sandstone cliffs which are shaped like beehives. Largest monolith of the world, Uluru is situated in Australia.