Canada is located in North America and the country is the second largest country in the world in terms of total area. The country shares a common border with United States of America and the longest border in the world. The inhabitants of Canada for millennia were different aboriginal groups of people. The colonization of the country begins in 15th century, when French and British arrived to the country. French abandoned most of the North American colonies in 1763 to Britain after the war of seven years. Three British colonies in North America were united in 1867 and Canada formed the federal dominion with provinces of four.


The four provinces of Canada are Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Under the confederation act, British still controls the foreign affairs of the country. Canada is a democratic parliamentary country under the monarchy of Queen Elizabeth. The foundation of executive, judicial and legislative powers are under the monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state like other 15 commonwealth countries who resides permanently in United Kingdom. Governor General of Canada is the representative of Queen who does the royal duties for the country.


The nation is one among the wealthiest nations of the world with high per-capita. Canada is among the ten top trading countries of the world. The economy of Canada is mixed market with manufacturing, service sectors and mining. The service industry is dominating the economy of the country. The population of Canada is 31,612,897 and four-fifths of the population is living within 150kms of US border. The largest ethnicity of the country is Canadians and others are English, Scottish, French, German, Irish, Italian, North American Indian, Chinese, Dutch and Ukrainian. The official languages of the country are French and English. Other languages spoken are Chinese, German, Punjabi, Spanish and Italian. The aboriginal languages are also spoken in the county with 65 different dialects. Some of the aboriginal languages are the official languages of Northwest Territories.


Canada’s tourism industry is concentrated mainly around four large cities, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. Paramount Canada’s Wonderland is a theme park with more than 200 attractions and more than sixty rides.  McMichael Canadian Art Collection displays the art of 20th century featuring works of contemporary and Inuit artists of Canada, Group of Seven and First nations. Special exhibitions are also held here. Kortright Conservation area is a popular tourist destination with mixed woods and open parkland.


Boyd conservation area is popular for walking and hiking around places with natural beauty. Village of Kleinburg is famous for the glorious architecture of tradition Canada and the village offers several interesting things to the tourists. Quebec is a great tourist destination where Quebec Winter Carnival takes place. Some of the attractions of the carnival are skating, Ice Tower, snow sculptures, slide runs, dogled rides, concerts, snow baths and sleigh rides drawn by horses. Toronto has the famous CN Tower which is a popular destination. Other attractions in Toronto are Toronto Eaton Center, Nathan Philips Square, City Hall and many others. Montreal and Vancouver are scenic cities of Canada. Victoria port and Niagara Fall are also the popular destinations of Canada.

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