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Dubai Water Parks

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Dubai as many might know is mainly a sea resort city. Although it has several different attractions, aiming to call more and more visitors of different expectations of attractions or entertainment, but mainly, Dubai’s most powerful attraction remains the sea.

Dubai is also full of theme parks all around the city, and many of these theme parks are naturally water parks. Dubai water parks are all great ways of having leisure and entertaining time in the city. So let us talk about the most visited water parks of this wonderful city of attractions:

Wild Wadi Water Park

Those who have already been to Dubai on vacation will surely know this place, as this is among the most famous Dubai Water parks. Situated on the Jumeirah Beach this park offers just every water-connected activities, from fun bathing to relaxed boat tours. Interesting to note that "Wadi" means valley in Arabic, mostly the valley which is filled with water or which is next to a spring. Wadi in this desert country has great importance, so you will see many places, called Wadi, all around Dubai. The Wild Wadi Water Park has also a base story of an Emirati family, the tale of which you can read inside the park, and with whom you will have chance to meet as well. They are the leading motives of this beautiful park, which is full of different swimming pools offering huge waves or even a river ride with waterfall. This water park is mainly based on the entertainment of children, as there are huge children pools all around Wild Wadi, full of different types of fun slides including some specific ones as well.


If you are aiming to go to Dubai, then while looking up the long list of hotels on where to stay, you will certainly meet with the name and the pictures of the huger than huge Atlantis, The Palm hotel. This enormous resort is located on the outer ring of Palm Jumeirah, the palm-tree shaped artificial island completed a few years ago. Atlantis has survived the financial crisis and currently it is the only hotel situated on that part of the Palm Island. Looking at the pictures, you can see how huge it is and in reality too, it is a fantastic water park, called the Aquaventure. Aquaventure is one of the most popular Dubai water parks. It is a complex theme park, offering some amazing fun activities for the children and all the family, its main item being the Ziqurat pool in which real sharks swim, making you feel to slide down between them. The Lost Chamber part of the Aquaventure has been developed based on the story of Atlantis, the lost continent and on the fact when, during the building of the hotel, the excavators had found quite many interesting ruins which, according to the researchers did not belong to any regional Arabic remains, but dates back several thousand years. Therefore, it really seems that these are the ruins from Atlantis. There are several underwater streets and virtual exhibitions telling the story of Atlantis. No other Dubai water parks offer such attraction, so no wonder that it is highly popular among visitors of all age. Of course, there are special tours and activities for children too, in the Lost Chamber.  

These highly popular Dubai water parks are always quite crowded. If you can go there before the evening hours, when the entrance tickets are cheaper, then you do not have to face that huge crowd which would wait for you during the day. These parks have several programs and events held inside, so they are both must-visit attractions of Dubai. If you want more relaxed Dubai water parks, look for the Wonderland, Children's City or the Al Mamzar Park for family leisure.