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Dubai, being one of the most attractive tourism cities in the world, in the past few years has been making extremely hard efforts to make this city, the most desirable destination of not only the Middle East, but also in the whole world. Travel agencies today are dealing with the organization and selling of hundreds of Dubai tours a day, of different kinds. There are Dubai tours for everyone who would like a little help in getting to know this magical city and its region.

Dubai offers attractions for everyone, of every age or nationality. If you wish to spend your holidays in Dubai, then you will not spend a minute feeling bored; this magical metropolis has so much to offer. Dubai tours have specifications according to one’s specific needs. Many hotels also sell different kinds of Dubai tours in their own organization, or they cooperate with travel agencies to sell their Dubai tours.

To talk about all the different types of Dubai tours, first we must talk about the sightseeing tours around Dubai, which are naturally among the best-selling programs of Dubai. A sightseeing tour, as part of cultural tours will show you around the new and old downtown areas of Dubai. These tours will take you to the most important historic and cultural attractions within the downtown. In addition, they also put an emphasis on the modern developing Dubai. For the more adventurous tourists, Dubai offers sightseeing tours on board of hot-air balloon, seaplane or even helicopter.

If you wish to find the best deals and shopping places in the city, then take part in a shopping tour. During a shopping tour, you can see the best places for shopping in Dubai, starting from the colourful and mysterious world of souks to finishing the tour in one of the enormous shopping malls of Dubai.

Dubai tours also include water cruises along the Dubai Creek and in the Persian Gulf. This is a great opportunity to enjoy dinner while listening to the traditional Bedouin music of Dubai, eating some of the delicious local dishes served on-board of a beautiful wooden Dhow, an old-style Arabic type of vessel. Dhow cruises are among the must-try programs of Dubai.

Among the most popular Dubai tours, we must mention the desert safaris and the adventure travel opportunities as well. Tourists often visit the Dubai desert, being one of the main natural attractions. Desert safaris offer great programs for those who attend them, containing camel driving, visiting the Bedouin tents, watching the guide prepare lunch or enjoying sand-skiing, to mention just a few, out of the numerous attractions which will all leave you amazed.

Regarding adventure tours, for the fans of water-sports Dubai is a real paradise, from scuba diving to water-skiing. Here, there are countless beautiful seaside resorts, each giving you the chance to exercise or learn a wide variety of water sports. Outside Dubai, there are the beautiful places for those who wish to see the most beautiful underwater world in the Middle East. Dubai offers several opportunities for the fans of hiking and climbing as well, in the nearby lying Western Hajar Mountains.

As you can see, Dubai tours are very colourful and offer different services, giving a chance for everyone to find the most suitable excitement to try for themselves.