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Getting Around Dubai

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Dubai is one member sheikhdom out of the seven, which altogether make the United Arab Emirates. It is a magnificent, gigantic and a continuously growing metropolis. It is also called "Pearl of the Persian Gulf" referring to the history of Dubai, when it got rich by selling pearls. Getting around Dubai is one of the best activities by which one can get to know Dubai more. If you are a tourist, then getting around Dubai is a necessity, especially with limited time to be spending in this marvellous city.


Getting around DubaiFor getting around Dubai, there are countless sites to visit and countless attractions to try in Dubai. If you are in the city, you will be full of surprises! Once you are in the big shiny centre of Dubai, with the long Sheikh Zaed Road crossing it. Again, next to it, you will see such monumental complexes as the Emirates Towers or the World Trade Centre. The highest tower in the world is the Burj Khalifa, formerly called Burj Dubai, but renamed for the birthday of the Khalifa of the Emirates, is currently the highest tower in the world, so for sure you cannot miss it. Going to the other side of the road, you will instantly find yourself in an old-town district, now mainly inhabited by South Asians. It will give you wonderful memories of street life. Getting to the beach, which is only a ten-minute walk, you can enjoy the waves of the Persian Gulf. If you go for a walk westwards, you can see the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel and the amazing Wild Wadi Water Park with the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. In ten minutes with a taxi or the metro, you can easily get to the old town part or Medina of Dubai, namely Bur Dubai and Deira, located on the two sides of the creek delta, which acts as a river in other cities, except that the water of it is salty.


While getting around Dubai, arriving in Bur Dubai, you can see the great Grand Mosque, the biggest mosque of Dubai, which is very beautiful, reflecting all the elegance of the Muslim architecture. You can visit the oldest part of the city called Al Bastakiya, with the traditional Iranian wind-towered houses, such a must-see sight! You can visit the oldest building of Dubai, where today the Dubai Museum is, and from here, you can choose either a boat or a traditional dhow to carry you to Deira another beautiful old–town part of the city.


You can get great relaxing possibilities too while you are getting around Dubai. If you visit the Burj Nahar Tower surrounded by a huge and beautiful garden, you can see the centres of locals, the souks or marketplaces. Close to Dubai Creek, there are huge parks and golf courses for people to have fun and to get out of the running life of Dubai for a while. If you want a great time, you can go to Mushrif Park, the biggest park of Dubai.


If you are longing for the fun activities or shopping activities, then you can visit the Dubai Mall or the Emirates Mall. You can see the world famous Underwater Zoo in the Dubai Mall among dozens of other attractions. In the Emirates Mall, there is the Ski Dubai, which is an alone-standing service in the Middle East offering for one the chance to ski in the middle of the Middle East! While you are getting around in Dubai, do not miss the chance to see these unforgettable sites. The good thing is that you can look at them from the inside of the shopping centre.


Getting around Dubai, then getting out of Dubai: If you want to get out of the city, you can get to Wafi Mall, which is a village-sized shopping centre with many attractions to offer. Do not miss a desert tour where you can see the traditions of Dubai coming from the Bedouin culture. The camel ride and the sand ski are also sports you should not miss!  


Finally, there are dozens of attractions that you must see in Dubai. Therefore, if you want to visit, plan for at least a 2-week tour; in order to see at least half of the attractions that this great metropolis has to offer. As Dubai is huge, getting around in Dubai is best helped with the usage of the metro or the traditional taxi that has always been the main way of transportation in most Arabic countries.