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When you are staying in Dubai, it takes about one or two weeks to visit all of its main attractions out of which there are plenty. We can count also a week to see most of the biggest shopping malls and spending time on the beach, but if you really want to know Dubai and you are the exploring type then you really cannot miss some of the most popular Dubai excursions. Let’s see what are the most popular excursions which are on offer by the many travel agencies in town and which are really worth making.

Dubai excursions are famous and frequently asked for. Of course every tourists love to explore the surroundings and the close-by attractions to a city, in order to see and learn more about the whole country. The United Arab Emirates offer lots to see and to do, the only thing that can keep you from longer excursions is the climate and the Dubai desert. However, there are several tours, which help you to see more beauties of the country:


1. Desert Safari

Dubai has a great and big desert very close which the smart tour operators can offer greatly, along with some interesting add-ons a Desert safari as a Dubai excursion belongs to the best offered and most frequently bought programmes. Desert safaris start either in the early morning hours or in the late afternoon, when you can also enjoy an overnight desert safari. During the day, unless it is in the winter, the heat of the desert during the day is close to be unbearable. Desert tours often give way for the tourists to see camel races, which are usually held, outside of the city, in the desert or more deserted areas. In addition, there is the great hot air balloon flight that combines with the desert safari all the best. During the desert safari, you can learn sand boarding or sand skiing then also you can try to ride a camel. If you stay in an overnight safari, then you can enjoy the handmade Arabic desert food out in the desert, which is very romantic. You can also listen to Arabic and Touareg songs you can see some of their dances or you can see a belly dancer performing a show out in the desert. The guests sleep in a Touareg campsite, which is a great experience, in case you bring some warm clothes with you as the desert gets cold during the day. These sorts of programmes are also offered as separate Dubai excursions.


2. Wadi tours

Wadi tours are very popular Dubai excursions and they are often offered in form of a private tour. The word "wadi" means oasis in Arabic and this is a very often-used word meaning all the good and fruitful. Wadis are highly respected by Arabic people still today. One Wadi tour includes the visiting of a great ancient Hatta Village in the mountain area of the emirate. This Dubai excursion will need you to wear things, which you would wear normally for a trekking tour. The scenery in the mountains is beautiful and during your travel, you will drive by the great sand dunes of the desert too.


3. Abu Dhabi excursions

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates is of course one of the most popular sites for Dubai excursions. The beautiful huge city is really worth seeing and it is located quite close to Dubai. The longer tours take about 9 hours and include the visiting of the main attractions of Abu Dhabi, just like the Al Husn Palace, the oldest building of the city and the great Women’s Handicraft Centre, giving you great opportunity for shopping souvenirs. The sightseeing continues along the beautiful beachside Corniche of Abu Dhabi.


These are some of the best Dubai excursions that the travel agencies offer during your stay in Dubai, the Pearl of the Persian Gulf. If you stay for more than a week in Dubai, do not forget to merit its great opportunities to see more of the wonderful United Arab Emirates.