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Surfing is definitely among the coolest water sports ever existed next to wave boarding. The thing is, that you can surf without having a proper surf wear, but if you would like to get involved with surfing a lot more, then the time for you to buy your first ever surf wear while being in Dubai is soon to come.

So, why is it good to wear surf wear while you could go happily without it all the same? What it does that makes it better? First, it protects you from the sun and from the effects of the water when splashing. Good surf clothes also have better protection in them, in order to avoid any accidents. Hitting the rocks for instance is also one example. So, let us see the ways and places that are the best for you to buy your first or multiple surf wear in Dubai:


Second-hand - If you feel you do not have the budget for buying a good surf wear, you can still turn to the classified. The UAE Surf Classifieds is among the best picks as you have most of Dubai’s surfer’s society in the forums section and selling several second hand surf wear and surf equipments as well.  

Dubai Surf Shop - It is an online shop selling everything connected to surfing, like boards, waxes, surf wear. 

Classifieds - Sometimes you can find good offers there, besides, there are plenty of supermarkets in Dubai enlarging your choice.

Al Boom Marine - A great store chain, one on the Beach Road facing the Wollongong University and the other in Garhoud. They sell just everything that a surfer can dream about. It sells multiple brands in everything.  Sales here start before winter. A good surf wear cost here around 500 Dirham, which makes it by far the cheapest store of its kind.  

GECO Marine - You can find a good shop in Dubai and in Sharjah, a surfer’s paradise near Dubai. This store sells good BIC boards costing less than 800 Dirham, which is more than a great price, especially if you are a beginner. Here too, you can get all sorts of beachwear and surf wear.   

Dubai Mall and Ibn Battuta Mall - Staffed with great sports and surf shops, you will need to spend a long time in these plazas, as the variety is so big. However, so are the prices!  

Jumeirah Plaza - This hosts a great huge beach shop, selling also surf wear, right next to Jumeirah Beach. Here you will not be getting other surf equipments though, except for the wear itself.

Ripcurl: Mall of the Emirates - In this shopping centre in Al Barsha district, you can find a Ripcurl Surfers’ shop and several other sports brands. You can find lots of surfing things and equipments here.   

Quicksilver: Mall of the Emirates - Lying just opposite Ski Dubai, this is a highly anticipated surf store. Although it is not cheap at all, but quality is good for a longer time. If you are not sure to carry on surfing, there is no need for you to spend a lot of money over here.  


Underground Distribution - This shop is Dubai's first dedicated surf shop, just moved to Al Barsha, close to the Mall of the Emirates. Here you can be sure to find everything A to Z, which someone might need in connection with surfing


Some surfers tend to wear diving wetsuits even, but the normal surf wear is much better and lighter to wear. However dedicated to surfing in Dubai, you do not necessarily have to rush and buy all accessories that surfers might wear. They do not wear a lot normally, so do not look like as a surf style guru, but learn surfing properly first. Initially that is why you get to buy surfboard and surf wear all the same.