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Wafi Mall

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Wafi Mall is not only a place in Dubai where you can shop, but it has been specifically created for leisure and for giving such an attraction to Dubai, which will make tourists return shortly.

Wafi Mall within Wafi City is really a site to see. Wafi City is located near downtown Dubai, and it is such a project, which has been created to give back the atmosphere of ancient Egypt. You will see pyramids, tombs and buildings that all mirrors the ancient atmosphere of Egyptian culture and arts. The whole complex was built to be similar to Karnak, one of the greatest sites in Egypt where you can see the remaining in their best shape, restored to show, how people used to live in those times.

Besides all that, Wafi City is a complex, built for entertainment and for shopping purposes. Wafi City within Wafi Mall is in the Oud Mehta district, which is famous for its colourful intercultural institutes and buildings, forming one important part of the downtown of Dubai.

Besides giving home to hundreds of shops and entertainment centres, there are also several quality hotels in Wafi City, enabling the tourists to spend a couple of days there. This is a huge complex and certainly, one day will not be enough for you to see all its shops and attractions.

Wafi Mall has several parts, the modern shopping plaza look and the traditional covered Arabic souk as well. You can travel back in time when visiting the souk part. The restaurant part also mirrors the old-time Arabic atmosphere and the sight of local people enjoying their time there, might also make you feel buying a traditional Arabic garment for yourself to feel more in place over here. The textiles alone are worth visiting. In the traditional souk part of Wafi Mall, you will be able to look at them, and if you are lucky, you can catch a bride-to-be, who is ready to choose about ten types of different materials from the best, most colourful ones, to have all their wedding kaftans made out of them.

Another great attraction of Wafi Mall is its wonderful theme park, named Encounter Zone. Here you can have fun with the family; there are all types of toys and games, to the like of all the family. Encounter Zone is highly visited within this Dubai mall. It is also very popular as an alone standing attraction. There is also a nursery part over here, just in case you want to enjoy a couple of hours of shopping alone and do not want to make your children get tired of too much "boring" walking.

There are hundreds of shops found in Wafi Mall. The worldwide known brands, such as Marks & Spencer or if you would fancy buying a new pair of jeans, or by any chance you would like to see the latest offers for Muslim dressing, your place is in Wafi Mall. This mall, together with this picturesque city built around it, will give you an unforgettable memory.