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Mercato Shopping Mall

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Well, to start with, looking at the forms of Mercato Shopping Mall within Dubai, all we can think is that this attraction mainly aims the locals and the American tourists living in Dubai. Mercato Shopping Mall has many similar features to the hotel in Las Vegas, which was made to look like a miniature Venice in Italy. However, we can be sure that Mercato Shopping Mall has all the luxury inside, one could possibly crave.


Mercato Shopping Mall DubaiThis shopping mall was born due to the first waves of tourists arriving to Dubai, looking for more and more places to shop. We all know almost all people love shopping, so Dubai thought why not give them the chance. Before the Mercato Shopping Mall, there were not many shopping centres in the downtown, except in the Bur Dubai and Deira districts. Jumeirah did not have any large shopping area worth mentioning. Therefore, this is how the idea of Mercato Shopping Mall came. Dubai decided to take the iconic looks of the Mediterranean Italy as the icon to represent, as much as Italy is representing the world of fashion and elegance all over the world.


Mercato means marketplace in Italian and a shopping centre of all size and kind. This large and unique looking shopping mall opened in 2002. For those locals, who did not have chance to visit Europe, it is a rarity for them with forms and shapes not known in the Arabic Muslim style of Architecture.


Therefore, to start from the beginning, there is a complex of buildings which together look like a LEGO of an Italian little town, pieced together a little bit strangely over here. There are the buildings, the towers, the Renaissance style, but in real Mercato Shopping Mall looks exactly, how it should look like, a Dubai shopping mall with theatrical scenery, which in this case contains a little bit of Italian effect on its overall look. It looks cute huge. In the centre, there is a cinema complex and also a large playing area for children with nursing, There are some fine restaurants within the mall, so it is really nice to try some Italian dishes over here, in “little Italy”.


Mercato Shopping Mall is in the luxury and ultra modern Jumeirah district, which is the main land of hundreds of construction works as well. Apart from being a modern luxury shopping centre, the main attraction of Mercato Shopping Mall, is definitely its Italian renaissance look. Based on the outlook of mainly Florence, the Mercato Shopping Mall has some of the most beautiful buildings included in its complex. Interestingly, the main hall of the shopping mall strongly reminds of the Milan Central Railway Station.


The extra services of Mercato Shopping Mall include some touristic services, such as sightseeing tours in Jumeirah and some extra offers for hotels as well. Once you are in Jumeirah, it will give you a nice diversity to go and look around the Mercato Shopping Mall.