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Ibn Battuta Mall

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If someone knows Dubai, and have heard of Nakheel projects before, then they will also know that Ibn Battuta Mall is not an ordinary shopping mall of Dubai. Nakheel Projects is the company that has tried to build the most unbelievable wonders within Dubai; it is the most famous for its Palm Islands project and The World island complex. Knowing such company designs a shopping mall too, we can get prepared to see something unbelievable. Indeed, Ibn Battuta Mall is an unbelievable place to be.

Ibn Battuta Mall was named after the Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta, whose travel stories went all around the Arabic world inspiring also Dubai, to build a mall that, with respect to Ibn Battuta will represent some of the greatest destinations he has travelled. Of course, all courts are full of worldwide famous brands, housing mainly fashion stores, but you can find just everything else over here.

Ibn Battuta Mall divides into six parts; and all the six parts have specific decorations to represent a closer or far-away region or culture. The six part’s names are Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China. As we can see, with the exception of China, all regions are in connection with each other, especially in culture. The architecture of Andalusia has long been inspired by the Arabic architecture; thanks to history, when the Arabic conquerors had spend some time in the territory of whole Spain, leaving some of their signature castles and buildings behind.

The Arabic architecture also deeply inspired the architecture of India. The Taj Mahal is the most monumental and the most iconic building of India. It is a monument built by a Moorish Muslim emperor, according to the characteristics of Arabic architecture at that time. When it comes to India, the most famous iconic animal of India is the elephant. There is a beautiful elephant, which can be seen in the Indian Court, which is a miniature of the famous Indian Clock, the original of which can be found in India. 

The Persian court of the Ibn Battuta Mall is to represent the most beautiful styles, colours and characteristics created by Muslim architects all over the Arabic countries. We can see much turquoise here, being the famous colour of the Holy Prophet Mohammad. The buildings here are just beautiful. By adding Persia to these courts, Dubai wants to show and symbolise its long-time friendly relation with Iran and Turkey. In addition, Dubai as a Sunni Muslim country wants to represent its goodwill toward Shiite Muslims of Iran.  

Ibn Battuta Mall in little Egypt has always been representing the cultural and religious capital of Muslim religion. That is why, Muslims has always put large emphasis on Egypt. As all Muslim countries, Dubai as well has strong relations with Egypt as well. As to represent its high respect for Egypt, Nakheel Properties has also included Egypt among its courts. With the narrow streets of covered souk, the mystic world of Egypt is beautifully recreated over here.

China court within Ibn Battuta Mall is beautifully Chinese, with all the elegance of traditional Chinese architecture. China court also hosts a large catering place with restaurants and bars, together with the IMAX cinema theatre, the one an only in Dubai.

If we step into Ibn Battuta Mall, not only we can get prepared to shop and look around, but also for a whole cultural travel within Asia, representing so much beauty in all. Ibn Battuta Mall is really one of the most special places of Dubai to be. Ibn Battuta Mall is situated on the Sheikh Zayed Road, near Jebel Ali.