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Dubai Outlet Mall

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If you feel that, you cannot resist the urge to buy some quality brands much cheaper, and then visit the Dubai Outlet Mall, which is by far the best and cheapest shopping mall for those, who have lots of time to see through the huge variety of fashion items found over here. Dubai Outlet Mall opened a few years ago, and when you get chance to visit it, you will see it is no wonder why this place is so popular among both locals and tourists.


Outlet malls and centres are getting more and more popular everywhere. The idea of selling out the items of last season for a much cheaper price is indeed great. This is because this way, the distributors can still profit for them even if they are not brand new and not in trend. The shoppers can also profit from them, as they can find what they are looking for, at a better price but in the same quality. Outlet Malls are all over Europe and the United States, so the only question was when this trend gets to Dubai as well.


Dubai, which is hosting the best brands, selling them in the highest numbers in the world, has realised how much it can mean to have a piece of cake from the fashion outlet industry as well.


No matter its Adidas or Burberry where you would like to shop for a lot cheaper, your place is in Dubai Outlet Mall. You can find all designer brands over here and the prices of the items are less than 50% of the original price, and sometimes even 80% off the original prize. Each top international brand has a store here, where you can look for the best bargains. From accessories to home ware, there are hundreds of shops over here of all kind. Therefore, be prepared to go back to your hotel with lots of handbags.


While parents are shopping, children can have lots of fun in the theme park of Dubai Outlet Mall, called ChuckE Cheese. This is a great fun zone with many types of entertainment facilities for the children. The fun zone also includes a Bowling Club, and an Ice Rink, so no one will get bored when visiting Dubai Outlet Mall. For babies and small children, there is the Soft Play Area. If you get hungry, there are colourful displays of restaurants within Dubai Outlet Mall serving many specialities of different cuisines, from Mc Donald’s to authentic Arabic dishes, so you can surely find the dish you are looking for.


Dubai Outlet Mall is located not far from the downtown area of Dubai, on the Al Ain Road, heading out of town. On the website of the mall, you can also find the timetable of buses heading toward the Dubai Outlet Mall, and in case someone is going by car, there is a nice map showing the key-routes toward the mall as well. Therefore, if you have some free time that you would like to spend with shopping, do not hesitate to visit Dubai Outlet Mall, you can really have some fantastic deals over here.