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BurJuman Center

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Dubai built BurJuman Center when it started to realise its huge potentials, that next to being the world leaders of business, it can also do a large makeover to be one of the most attractive touristic spots. BurJuman Center was among the first huge shopping centres, housing several international brands. As it is very easy to locate in the historical centre, BurJuman Center is always a suggested facility to visit.


BurJuman Center lies in the old downtown of Dubai, called the Bur Dubai district. This district is very famous, and one of the most popular spot of tourists, a great place for cultural tours with Grand Mosque and the Dubai Museum also located here. Within Bur Dubai, tourists especially visit the Al Bastakiya quarter, which was restored how it looked like long time ago, with beautiful narrow streets and historical, unique looking buildings.


Bur Dubai situates at the delta of Dubai Creek, facing Deira, the other old town district from the other side. BurJuman Center is one of the biggest shopping malls of Dubai, built in the middle of the Nineties, when the need for luxury shopping had started to increase, together with the number of visitors in Dubai.


BurJuman Center is one traditional shopping mall that houses no extra attractions yet, but many shops of different types. Therefore, if you would like to see a good collection of Arabic taste shops, mixed up with some well-known brands, then visit BurJurman Center. Alternatively, if you would also like to have refreshment drink and lunch during your cultural tour in the Medina of Bur Dubai, then BurJuman Center stands out to be a great place as well. Next to Arabic fashion stores, you may see some great stores of Indian fashion too, dedicated to the vast number of Indians and Pakistanis living and working in Dubai. You can also see Dubai’s love toward the Indian movies and style.


If you have high expectation such as sky-high fountains or cinema multiplexes then you will get disappointed. So do not get prepared for anything extreme over here, at least not yet. However, on the contrary, it is indeed a nice, a lot more relaxed shopping centre, where people do not run; instead, you can relax a little bit, just as others do.


The other advantage of BurJuman Centre is that, a Red Line metro stop is right next to it, so it is a very cosy solution, to see a good quality shopping centre without the usual hassle. BurJuman Center will soon get some extensions to be able to keep up with the latest, trendiest shopping places. It will have cinemas and some entertainment complexes in its extended parts shortly. In addition, just recently BurJuman Centre has built a couple of high quality apartment houses in this beautiful district of Dubai, specifically for foreigners to buy. There is also a hotel together with a business centre in form of a tower called BurJuman Business Tower. All these now are part of the BurJuman Complex. The Saudi Arabian Rotana Company will develop these later projects.