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Al Khaleej Centre

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Al Khaleej Centre is situated in the downtown area of Dubai, an enormous town that is famous for offering just everything. Al Khaleej Centre has been established in order to sell all types of electric wares, so it is a must-visit for everyone, who is interested in making a good deal in buying a car-radio or the latest cell phone types.


As mentioned before, Al Khaleej Centre has been specifically set up for dealing with all types and kinds of electric devices, from the smallest to the biggest ones. This shopping mall is full of watches, radios, hi-fis and stereos all over the place. You can find the best bargains over here. Al Khaleej Centre has so much more to offer.


Al Khaleej Centre is situated in Bur Dubai, quite close to the port district of Al Rashid Port. Bur Dubai is the long-time famous district of Dubai, consisting its Medina or old town part, and also having the best souks and shopping streets all over it. The streets of Al Bastakiya quarter and the beautiful mosques are all a must-see attractions of this district. Due to the leading role of Dubai concerning all types of business, there are thousands of shops selling just everything by the Arabic, Indian and Chinese businesspersons in the city. Next to electronics, the centre also deals with the selling of toys and perfumes; there are also plenty of fashion stores in the mall. 

The diverse parts of Al Khaleej Centre are the Mall, selling all sorts of electronic wares, the Food Court which has several restaurants inside, the Residence, which is soon to sell, expensive and superb apartments of different sizes. Al Khaleej Centre also has a big office building renting out offices to almost everyone, but is the base of companies that deals with electronics. The base of Etisalat is also here. Etisalat is the main communications company not only of the United Arab Emirates, but also in the whole Middle Eastern Area. Etisalat deals with the providing of cell phones and cell–systems all over the Middle Eastern Region and even further to the North African areas.


The greatest business attraction of Al Khaleej Centre is the Technocity, the base territory of electronic companies and IT related companies. The basic idea of Technocity is to unite all these companies and to create them the best ground for making contracts with each other or with outer companies. The collection of present companies includes both national and international companies. In the area of Technocity, there are also dozens of electric outlets, giving you great chance to look around and to find something for you.


Al Khaleej Centre has an internationally growing fame on the market of electronics, so the attention toward this complex is getting bigger. So, if you are interested or into electronics or you feel like buying a new cell phone or an electronic toy for your children, then do not hesitate to take a visit to the Al Khaleej Centre.