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Dubai Engagement Rings

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In Dubai, the jewellery business and the merchandising of jewellery have long been in tradition. Dubai has become famous for its beautiful pearls. Then when the pearl–era ended, Dubai got famous and rich because of its "black gold" the oil. Now Dubai aims to bring back the old times, it is targeting to put more emphasis on jewellery business again in Dubai. That is why the International Jewellery Week is held every year.

Let us discuss a bit about the shopping of engagement rings. The engagement rings as we know are very important jewelleries and form one of the most important parts of jewellery business. In the Muslim world, the traditions are a bit different from the one in the Western countries. Here, people do not have to have the same type or look of engagement ring. Even men can have more engagement rings and they choose to wear them depending of clothing. Let us also take into consideration here that a Muslim man is not allowed to wear gold of any kind or type. Therefore, men there go for the silver jewellery or platinum ones. Women though can wear as much gold as they want to, so that is why the jewellery business is a flourishing business in the Arabic world. Of course, every woman does love jewellery.

For weddings, next to the engagement rings, there is also the need of some special jewellery and even sometimes they give jewellery as a gift to the bride or the woman or baby celebrated. Local women go on jewellery shopping tours occasionally. One of the most popular place for these shopping tours is the Dubai Gold Souk located in Deira, the beautiful Medina (old-city) district of Dubai, although it s getting more and more modernised, yet it is still the most famous for its high variety of souks and for its dhow wharfage.

The Gold Souk is a long-time favourite when it comes to shopping. In the Muslim countries, there are many celebrations such as the celebrations of new baby coming, celebration of circumcision and of course the celebrations of marriages. The summer is full of marriages in Dubai, so if you are lucky, you can get to see or hear some of these beautiful fiestas.

Engagement ring shopping is very important. Sometimes Muslims buy the pair of engagement ring at the time of the engagement, and at the time, they get married. So, if you are the person to whom such a happy event is waiting, then do not hesitate. Even if it is not for woman to buy them, but still you can have a look at them and be smart when you show it to your boyfriend or fiancé by any chance. The most beautiful, artistically designed engagement rings are made out of the Taiba, the Samra and the Joyalukkas Jewellery with Taiba having the heaviest ring in the world made out of 21K Gold.

Jewellery (earrings, engagement rings, bracelets) is the most popular sort of shopping for many who have visited Dubai. Make a fun shopping tour; look up the wide variety of jewellery of all kind. You will see on that day you will go shopping even in your dreams, to find the best engagement ring for you. Dubai is definitely the place where such dreams can come true. Look up the shops of Samra Jewellery in Dubai as they have the widest offer of great designs of diamond engagement rings. The shops of Samra or Damas Jewellery are located in every bigger shopping malls so in case you feel you need the best engagement ring, don’t hesitate to visit these great shops, they are really worth seeing.