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If you want to go shopping and you want to get some good quality jewellery, like earrings and so on, then you are at the best place to do so. By far, Dubai is the best place to buy good quality gold cheaper than in Europe. So, get prepared to wear your new earrings shortly, as shopping is so easy in Dubai.

Dubai has always been very famous for its great skills in business and for its art of jewellery making. The finest jewellery rings, earrings, bracelets are sold at Dubai in very high numbers. Therefore, if you get to see the famous Dubai Gold Souk in the Deira district, then you will see that it is no wonder why Dubai is also called the "City of Gold".

Deira district is located at the delta of Dubai Creek; it has a great strategic situation. This district used to be the long-time seat of the governmental bodies of Dubai. Then Dubai started to grow and have modernizations and every institution moved from Deira to the Jumeirah part, the New Dubai. Deira still remembers its royal past through some museums such as the Municipality museum. Although Deira has lost its importance, yet it remains famous for its many souks, marketplaces, shopping streets. Here, shopping is like breathing, it is so natural. At the Gold souk, you can also bargain for earrings, as negotiation is one hobby of locals that they really like to exercise. So be brave, here you can try negotiation during shopping.

The gold and golden wares sold in Dubai are really of high quality, but if you would like something else, or you are already a fan of an international house of jewellery, then you can find all the international luxury jewellery in the shopping malls. The Dubai Mall, the Emirates Mall are all full of jewellery shops of different size and selling all kinds of jewellery, like earrings, necklaces, rings and we could go on.

So go and get around Dubai, do some shopping tours, you will see it is really worth. Only Dubai Mall takes at least one whole day to look around, so you will need to think it through where to visit first. Dubai souk districts Deira and Bur Dubai are definitely good places to start the complete shopping tour in Dubai. No matter you want rings or earrings of any type of gold; in Dubai, you can see dozens of beautiful earrings and necklace sets, consisting of a necklace with the fitting pair of earrings. 

Look for the names Taiba, Damas, Samra and Jolaukkas Jewellery; they are the most famous jewellery manufacturers in Dubai offering beautifully designed pieces of earrings, bracelets and pendants. These brands have shops everywhere in Dubai and in the area of the United Arab Emirates. They offer wonderful designs of jewellery, no matter its bracelet or earrings. They are simply so beautiful. It is really worth buying jewellery in Dubai.