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When it comes to playing golf as a starter, you may feel you get in trouble with the managing of your new golf equipments especially when your budget is not quite used to such shaky purchases as a set of Dubai golf equipment. So, what you are to do? Get smart and read our article on how to purchase golf equipment in Dubai.

To get started with, even the best earning expats in Dubai know that golf equipments, for some less known reasons, cost indeed a real fortune, pro shops in the Dubai golf clubs  and in the shopping malls mostly come up with the most unrealistic prices you can imagine, when it comes to buying even a starter’s set.  First of all, if you are a beginner, start with asking advice from a professional what exactly should you get? A starter’s set should also contain the full set of irons from Nr. 9 to Nr. 3, including sand wedge, pitching wedge not to mention the woods just like the driver and at least wood Nr. 3 and Nr. 5.  There are no golf stores which would sell these clubs just in a set. Everyone needs to have a good thorough knowledge on which clubs, woods, irons, hybrids or putters they want to include in the starter’s set. Now, in the US, a normal starter set consists of at least 7 items which includes 5 clubs a sand wedge and a putter costs if slightly used around USD 360. If this set is bought newly at a good store it cost around USD 1350. Now, this set being Dubai golf equipment would cost at least USD 3000 of course in Dirham. So, you can see how high differences there are in prices.

Prices of Dubai golf equipments are so sky high that golf loving US and UK expats keep persuading everyone who is interested in playing or learning golf, therefore to get some sort of Dubai golf equipments to get them sent rather from the UK and the US where online stores such as Golfsmith or Edwin Watts have really great online store prices and goods arrive tax free from the US and the UK so this way golf fans can spare lots of money.

The other problem is, that you can’t ask advice in Dubai, in the golf equipment stores, which of course can be found in every single golf club and in every shopping mall as well, because the selling people being local will have absolutely no idea about golf equipments unfortunately. Also, you shouldn’t forget that every clubs should be adjusted for a person’s actual weight and height and power. In case you are a total beginner, don’t buy no half or full set without a professional helping you with your requirements and tells you what you exactly need and in what size. Expats advisee every beginners to look for an expat golfer or golf teacher teaching in one of the good golf clubs, such as the Emirates or the Dubai Creek golf clubs to advise them on their Dubai golf equipment first of all what they exactly need and where to get them the cheapest and most effortless way. 

The one and only store which sells Dubai golf equipments for the best reasonable prices is called Sun Sand Sport store located in the Dubai Festival City and sells Hippo golf clubs for a better price. Apart from this of course you will find many Dubai golf equipment stores but its better to follow the expats’ advice and if you don’t find the price range and/or the desired quality, then rather buy online. Now, surprisingly Edwin Watts have its brand store in the Habtoor Plaza by the Dubai Creek and although they will be a lot more expensive than online, its wise to check them out especially during the Dubai Summer Surprises festival which is the biggest time of discounts in Dubai.