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Zara Dubai

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The Zara brand was born in Spain in La Coruna in the region of Galicia. Its headquarters is still base there. The very first store of the brand was born back in 1975; the Zara brand gained fame all over Europe by the beginning of the Nineties’. Today Zara has shops in over 73 countries. Dubai is one of these countries. Of course, the great classics of Zara are highly bought in Dubai too, in all of the three shops that have opened just recently to serve the fashion conscious society of this Middle Eastern Metropolis.

Zara does things differently in many ways. The Zara clothes are not made in any of the Asian countries that deal with making clothes for a cheaper price for large retailers. Zara sticks to Spain and its production is much faster than any other brands. Zara is world famous for its quality and trendy pieces. Today Zara offers the most elegant yet casual street wear for every generation. Zara is highly respected even by the top designer houses for its classic fashion items. Zara offers women’s and men’s fashion, all sorts of accessories and leather goods, such as handbags, belts and footwear. Zara has a unique marketing way, according to which, they let the items themselves do the advertising for them. That is why you do not see Zara advertisements in the newspapers anywhere in the world. In addition, Zara always receives great critiques for its sense for trends and for its quickness. Inditex group that is today the largest retailer company in the world today owns Zara. Inditex owns such huge retail brands as Bershka, Pull and Bear or Stradivarius. The total number of Zara shops on 2011 January was 1518.

Zara offers new collections before the beginning of each season. Zara does not work in franchise only in very exceptionable cases, so most of the stores that you see all over the world are owned by the brand itself. All Zara stores are designed contemporary and stylish in every country they work the same design. In Dubai, you can find Zara stores in the Dubai Mall, in the Mall of the Emirates and in the Deira City Centre. Due to its great success and to the great expansion of Dubai itself, surely more Zara stores will come to open in Dubai in the next few years.

Now it is great to be in Dubai, as during the summer sales season called Dubai Summer Surprises, you can get even a fifty percent discount off all the items of Zara. In case you would not be this lucky and arrive later, then you can regain some luck in the big Dubai Outlet Mall where there are always some great items to be found for half or even less of the original price.  If you want the biggest Zara shop, then head for the huge Dubai Mall, in the very downtown of Dubai. This one has the biggest choice inside. Zara will always be a classy great brand with wearable items, no matter its about parties, office wear or street wear.