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Well, talking about the shopping of sunglasses in Dubai, there are many questions to be asked in order to know on the type of sunglasses you feel like shopping in Dubai. The number of shops that sell the so-called ordinary sunglasses is extremely high; the other big quantity of shops sells fakes, which also look great and can be used just as any pair of sunglasses. In the shopping malls, you will see many brand shops, selling out their own designs for an extremely high price. There are Optic shops that sell a mixture of mid and top quality glasses together with sunglasses.

Today, the most popular brands include Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Chanel, Gucci and Roberto Cavalli but all the other designers have their own release of sunglasses. The top brands can cost up to 1000 USD per pair. Therefore, it is no wonder that most of us cannot afford these luxury items and go for the mid category instead. In the souks, you will see thousands of sunglasses with many of them fakes of the best designs. Yes, the UV filter is included in each pair of sunglasses, even sometimes the UV filter of mid quality is better then those of the most expensive pair of sunglasses. Do not forget while shopping sunglasses, that it is the quality of the UV, which counts the most, and not the design.

In addition, if you wear glasses, you will need special sunglasses, which is mostly one pair of dioptre glasses that are able to change their colour according to the amount of light.  

China markets, such as the Dragonmart are also selling thousands of sunglasses, mostly fakes of brands. The good thing in seeing fakes is, that you will also be able to see the designs of some years ago; however in the brand shops you can always see the new designs only.

The grand designs can be found in all the big downtown shopping malls, such as in the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, the Deira City Center and in Wafi Mall as examples. In the Dubai Mall alone, you will see enough choice for you, of designer sunglasses for a high price. So, do not hurry with buying them. First, because during the Dubai Summer Surprises, which goes on all summer long, you can get all the designer items for a lot lower price. In addition, if you make a shopping tour in the huge Dubai Outlet mall, the chance is high that you will get some great designer sunglasses for at least half their original price.

The price of the designer sunglasses is mostly because of the brand name. Chanel sunglasses are often decorated with Swarovski crystals, which add an extra value to the original price.

Therefore, if you feel like shopping some of the best or most stylish sunglasses, you will either need to go on a huge shopping tour, in order to see all your possibilities or stay in Deira, where there are the most souks to bargain sunglasses in good quality. In Dubai, you will for sure have the chance to buy the best suitable piece for you.