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In the past, Hollywood and Beverly Hills was best known for its high number of the luxury cars. In Europe, perhaps we can only mention Monte Carlo on the same list. However, in the recent years, it is definitely Dubai, which has stepped up to the first place in shopping cars, both in terms of number and quality of the shopped luxury cars. Dubai has such luxury cars that are not owned by the public, many of them are specifically made for one rich businessperson or member of the Sheikh’s family. Car shopping is very easy here, especially for those who have money.

Dubai has an extreme offer of luxury cars, although it is not the best business of buying a luxury car over here, because it might cost triple more than its original price in Europe or in the United States and due to the specific place and place of shopping, you might encounter several problems. The most favoured brands are quite the same as everywhere, such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Daimler-Chrysler and Ferrari, not to mention the Bugattis and Lamborghinis, all heavy symbols of wealth. You can see all of them while on the streets of Dubai, especially during the evening hours. You can see the most expensive luxury cars of the world in Dubai. The method of shopping such luxury cars is usually a straight order to the base of the car factory.

In addition, Dubai is on the first place in terms of shopping and usage of limousines. There are dozens of limousines on the streets of Dubai, and if we see that, most car rentals deal with limousine rentals. Thus, the natural reason as consequence for this is the higher need for limousines. Limousines are the mostly used luxury cars for parties, family programs or business meetings in Dubai. Limousines are not really bought by civilians due to the much space and the special features that make it harder to drive.

Quite interestingly but also understandably, the cabriolets are not fashionable for shopping in Dubai. This is because the sun is so strong that it would have not much use for someone to sit in a cabriolet all day, ending up at a hospital by the evening. In addition, Muslims are not revealing. Hiding in a darkened limousine when you cannot know how many people exactly sitting inside and what they are dealing with is much more different from the all-revealing cabriolets. That is why only the sedans among luxury cars are sold in high number over here. Only in rare occasions, you can see someone Arabic sitting in a cabriolet, and then you can be sure that he has another car in his garage too.

Other type of luxury cars in Dubai are the SUVs. SUV is good and is quite practical, besides as its engine is much stronger, so many of the rich are using SUVs instead of sedans.  Dubai businesspersons love shopping foreign cars straight from abroad. However, there are many car saloons specifically for those, who are looking for ordinary luxury cars and have no interest in ordering one or having one specifically made for them. 

Therefore, if it comes to shopping a luxury car, you had better not buy it in Dubai, though for fun you can visit some of the biggest salons over here. Car shopping is better to happen in Europe or in the US. However, in case you have the will and the budget to buy luxury cars, check the offer out, the quality of cars is breathtaking over here.