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You might know all types of shopping are very easy in Dubai, as all you need is the budget and then you can go on shopping tours, here only sky is the limit. Talking about lingerie shopping, all the best local and international lingerie brands are sold in Dubai, from the top quality designs to the regular ones. Start your lingerie shopping tour in the famous malls of Dubai.

Dubai is famous to have an unbelievable number of shops of all sorts. Lingerie shopping is quite easy over here. If you are a targeted shopper but do not know where exactly should you look for all the stuff you would like to buy, then the best advice is to take part in a shopping tour, during which you will see most of the popular places where locals also go shopping, from souks to the best malls.

The malls, such as Deira City Center, Mall of the Emirates or Dubai Mall, just to mention the most popular downtown malls have an incredible offer of lingerie stores, ranging from the brand stores to the ordinary types where more lingerie brands are sold. Some of the most famous offered lingerie brands for lingerie shopping include Parah, an Italian brand of lingerie and swimwear. Among the luxury lingerie, you can find all the best-known brands over here such as La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Etam, Women’s Secret. Among the stores offering the standard good quality lingerie, we can mention K-Lynn, Oysho, La Vie en Rose and La Senza, just as a few examples.

Local women of course also love the best lingerie collections and love to go on lingerie shopping tours, so you have a great chance to find dozens of best-fitting items in one of the shopping malls in Dubai. Apart from the upper mentioned shopping malls, there are several other malls, not to mention the supermarkets where you can get lingerie for a good price. Many stores, even the ones that sell top quality brands have some fantastic offers to help you in your lingerie shopping. Some of these discounts are in the form of a card or as a daily promotion, so always try to check this out, during your lingerie shopping tours. This way you can save lots of money and time as well.

If you take part in a pre-organized shopping tour, you will get the chance to see the most in the shortest time. It is specifically advisable for tourists to attend such programs, especially if you are not capable to walk around town all day. The shopping tours are the most advised during the summer period, when sightseeing is quite demanding on the body because of the heat.

Therefore, if you would like to have your best Dubai lingerie shopping, do not hesitate, take part in a shopping tour. Of course, you do not have to spend all your money at once on underwear or shopping of any sort, but you will get some very valuable information on where exactly to go to find the best places to your like.