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Dubai Furniture Shopping

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Furniture shopping is a quite popular activity in Dubai, as it is in most Arabic countries. Arabic people, especially women have an endless love for furniture, and everyone tries to make the best deals during a furniture shopping tour in Dubai. 

If you feel like going on a furniture shopping tour, the first place to look around in Dubai is the souk of Deira, being the biggest and cheapest souk or marketplace in town. Here you will find just everything from food to cars, so you will have a great chance to see some of the beautifully carved wooden furniture that is the most liked in the Arabic countries.

Arabic people love the rustic wooden furniture, and that is why the shopping of used European furniture is a quite popular hobby in most Arabic countries. Among the most preferred ones, we can mention the Italian and Spanish styles of heavy wooden furniture and some examples of the Victorian furniture. Interestingly, Dubai, being a business and tourism empire of the Middle East, does not have high prices when it comes to shopping. The buying of slightly or more used furniture is quite common over here too, so this might not be that interesting for you, but of course, seeing the daily life in the souk remains almost a great activity, which also locals love to do.

The other great place for furniture shopping including other household stuff is in the Karama district. Indians, Pakistanis and other South Asian nationalities, mainly inhabit the Karama district and they sell their imported goods for good prices. Most people, who want to buy cheap but ordinary or even good quality stuff, all come to the Karama quarter to do so. Karama is located next to the Dubai Creek, on the right shore, so if you start up from Deira, which is also located at the mouth or delta of Dubai Creek, it is very easy to go down to the Karama district with a water taxi. The offer of Karama is huge. As most foreigners live here, you can imagine how international the atmosphere is, over here. After you have finished looking at the colourful variety of goods, you can get into a local restaurant to have a meal. Here, in Karama district, you can see all sorts of restaurants; you will have an extra wide choice when it comes to what to eat.

Moreover, if you had enough of looking at all the offers of Deira’s souks and Karama district, you can hop on a sightseeing bus to make an excursion to the Jumeirah district, where you will first get off at the Madinat Jumeirah Souk, a modern souk that is more expensive but worth visiting at least for taking some photos. Here, they sell many traditional decorations, from lamps to vases. Of course, when talking about furniture shopping, we cannot forget about the luxury furniture shops, mostly located in the biggest malls of Dubai, the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates, which are close to Madinat Jumeirah. So get the chance and see all the variety of furniture, during your shopping tour. This way you can also get more information on the local interiors and on the furniture.