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When you hear people talking about Dubai Duty Free shopping possibilities you might think that they are talking about average duty free shopping possibilities in Dubai, but that is not really the case. Dubai Duty Free shopping company is one of the world’s biggest airport shops, located at the Dubai International Airport, in Dubai.


Some years ago, the word "duty free" which mainly existed in the airports and in only a very few shops around the world, sounded like a wonder and meant cheap shopping possibilities, net prices without tax. That was a big thing back then and although the importance of duty free is not that big now, Dubai Duty Free still could achieve to be one of the best-selling shops in the world.


No wonder that the chairperson of this huge company is none other than the brother of the head of Dubai, Sheikh Al Maktoum who is also head of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, by which, this way Dubai Duty Free shopping centre also belongs to him. If you have ever been to the Dubai Airport, you will know how it looks like, with all the fantastic decorations, the huge palm-tree avenues inside with all the beautiful design of its interior. If you still have not been, then prepare to see an airport no one has ever seen before. It surely will leave your mouth open for a while! In addition, Dubai Duty Free shopping inhabits a huge area within, both outside and inside the transit area.


Talking about the offers of Dubai Duty Free shopping centre, in real they include everything which is normally sold at any big international airport. There is a perfumery, cosmetics part, with the creme and make-up section. Then, there is the business gift section, where they also sell electronic devices in Dubai, such as laptops.


The rest of the offer contains the Confisserie part, selling all types of sweets,  the tobacco and alcohol selling part and the fashion segment, not to mention the newspaper store and the kids area, selling a couple of toys and good-to-haves during a longer journey. Dubai Duty Free shopping centre also has a bookshop, there is also a store selling extras for those who travel Dubai Duty Free shopping centre has some daily discounts and some competitions as well. In the transit area, you can only shop if you show your boarding pass or equivalent travel document, together with your passport.


Among the promotional programmes of Dubai Duty Free Shopping centre, there are three important ones: Finest Surprise, Millennium Millionaire and Double Millionaire. The Finest surprise is a chance to play, but also to pay money. You can get the chance to be among all who take part in the selection of the winner of a beautiful car. Therefore, one ticket for the selection of Dubai Duty Free Shopping centre show and have your name among the rest in the basket or equivalent. One ticket costs 500 AED or 1000 AED, so it s not that cheap at all. For buying one ticket, you get the chance to win the featured car. Millennium and Double Millionaire programs are all include shopping at the store for which you can earn points or discounts.