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When you are out in town in Dubai to check out the best places for clothes shopping, you will find that the possibilities in Dubai are close to endless. Apart from jewelleries, the number of clothes shops is the highest, so it is not possible that you cannot find the fitting ones during your clothes shopping in the downtown.

In addition, Dubai has by far the highest number of shopping malls, shopping centres and fashion outlets, not mentioning the souks and the Chinese Dragonmart where you can get as many clothes as you like, during your clothes shopping tour.

Here we share with you some tips and advices for clothes shopping:

  • There are thousand of brands here making it difficult to choose, but to add to it, most of your well known favourite brands are also present in one of the huge shopping malls.
  • So, try the shopping malls first. If you will spend a longer time in Dubai and want a whole refresh but do not know the town yet, then do not hesitate to go on a so-called shopping tour that is a sightseeing tour with stops at the huge shopping malls. This way you can see and get a clearer picture about the town. You may also get information on how to get to them the other way.
  • The best shopping malls for clothes shopping to go to are the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, the Ibn Battuta Mall, the BurJuman Shopping Centre and the Deira City Centre. Beware, as the first two are so huge that you will easily spend a whole day there.
  • If you are not so keen for the more expensive brands, go to Deira to visit the souks, most of the time they can offer you some great and cheap clothes to wear.
  • The best bargain for clothes shopping is the huge Dubai Outlet Mall. This way you can dress in trendy and formerly very expensive brand items.
  • See the Dragonmart that is located in the Dubai International City. You can get the best quality clothes there for the cheapest price. Do not forget that most clothes are made in China anyways.
  • In the big shopping malls, you cannot really negotiate for a better price. However, you can find some smaller shops with owners who are more willing to do so for a potential stable costumer. Try it, you can never know.
  • Check out the huge Souk Madinat, it is full of all sorts of cheaper and more expensive clothes shops. This is one of the best places for clothes shopping.
  • Do not hurry into buying all your clothes at one place or at once. Best is to look around, do not forget that prices and dealing with them is different in Dubai. When you are out to clothes shopping, it is better to watch most of the offer, before deciding. This way you save and you will make a nicer collection for yourself.
  • Check out the sales everywhere. The biggest sale seasons are July, August, February and the beginning of March. If you are in Dubai during the Summer Surprises Festival, then you will meet many discounted prices everywhere during your shopping tour.


These clothes shopping tips are for you and of course are all up to you to consider. Also, when you are in Dubai, consider buying some of the beautiful local dresses as well. Do not forget, they look great, they are very cosy to wear and locals will respect you for your efforts. Also, do not go for the sexier items to wear in Dubai, otherwise you will be looked out from many places. The best is to look around, then consider. However, for sure, you will have a great time while you are out on a clothes-shopping tour.