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Children are the most important and highest valued in a good Muslim society and in Dubai as well. The number of children per family in Dubai is still high, and still the most important for a good wife is to give birth to healthy babies and raise them with much care. For this reason, shopping of all sorts of baby products is easy. They are sold in a high number of baby shops all over the city. Baby products and baby shops vary in size and quality, depending on the actual financial state of the family. 

There are all sorts of baby products for shopping, starting from the luxury brand baby shop to the second-hand baby shop. The luxury shops can be found in each shopping mall in quite a high number. Only in Dubai Mall, there are 15 different types of shops selling baby products and clothing. The top brands selling baby products here include Cacharel Paris, Adams, Kid’s Puzzle and GUESS kids. The Baby Shop sells all sorts of clothing and products from the very early age to the 3rd year of age. 

If you want to have the widest view on shopping possibilities and shopping malls in Dubai, then the most suggested way to go is to hop on a shopping tour bus. This will take you to all the most important shopping places of Dubai, so that later on you can return, as you will know where they can be found by then and on the sorts of offers each mall or shop has. 

The Mall of the Emirates has fourteen shops offering baby products. Each baby shop wears the name of the brand. For those, looking for cheaper baby products the most suggested place includes Carrefour, which can be found both in the Mall of the Emirates and in bigger size in the nearby Deira City Center located in Deira district.

However, by any chance here is some detailed information on how to find these three most important downtown shopping centres of Dubai: The Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Mall, being the largest shopping centres in the world, both can be found in the New Dubai area. For the Dubai Mall, you can take the Red Metro, getting off at the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall metro station. The Mall of the Emirates has a beautiful situation just by the Palm Jumeirah island complex next to the Police Academy of Dubai. For getting here by the easiest way, take the Red Line Metro and get off at the Mall of the Emirates Metro station.

You will see how easy it is to find a great baby shop in Dubai selling several types of baby products. If you want bargain baby store and baby products, then you should check out the Karama district, where the easiest way to go is by bus. Here, in this part of Dubai, there are lots of bargain baby shop in the whole area, selling baby products coming from India, China and second hand products coming from Europe.