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Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai

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The opening of Saks Fifth Avenue was a big deal in the business life of Dubai. Saks Fifth Avenue is a longtime favorite in the American continent, so when the news on the opening of its very first store in Dubai started to circulate, many got quite excited, especially those who have previously moved to Dubai from the US.


Saks Fifth Avenue is a longtime symbol of luxury shopping in the United States. Besides, Saks does not have any European shops, so when the first shop in the Middle East had opened in 2001 at Saudi Arabia, in Riyadh; it was huge news for everyone, who was into shopping centers. Although the opening of this store has already adumbrated the next opening in Dubai, as the open-up of the Saks concern toward the Middle East. For Saks Fifth Avenue, it was a great step, toward an enormous shopping power, which can be found in the Middle Eastern Region being the richest countries in the world and among the most eager has to spend on luxury items.


Saks Fifth Avenue in Dubai opened in 2004, with a great ceremony, also attended by the Sheikh Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, to indicate the business importance of this event. The entire American citizens already living in Dubai welcomed the opening of Saks Fifth Avenue in Dubai.


Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai can be found in the popular BurJuman Shopping Mall, which also contains several shops of international luxury brands. BurJuman Shopping centre is located in the famous Jumeirah district, which is part of New Dubai, the area where the largest numbers of American and European community lives. Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai occupies a huge 2-storey area of 80 thousand square meters, within the BurJuman shopping mall, and it offers great chances for one to know more about the American fashion trends, and to get to know the great quality of Saks Fifth Avenue.


Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai offers all sorts of goods, as a regular department store, starting from the cosmetics and perfumeries section, followed by the fashion items for women, men and the children. The importance of Saks Fifth Avenue lies in the brand name and in the brand quality. The "Big Brown Bag" of Saks Fifth Avenue has overall become famous in the whole world.


So, when in Dubai, do not forget to visit the Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai. It is a great deal, that there is a Saks in Dubai, while it has no stores in Europe or Asia, so you can imagine how high its popularity among all the tourists is arriving from those continents. If you take part at a shopping tour, then you can easily get to the BurJuman Shopping centre so that later on, you will know how to get back by yourself or just catch a taxi. Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai is really the place to go for shopping of some great trendy US items.