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Paris Gallery Dubai

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Paris Gallery is one of the most successful store-chains of Dubai, having stores all over the city, mostly in the big shopping centers. Paris Gallery is the seller of all worldwide known cosmetic products, and perfumes. It is a big luxury department store specifically set up for selling all sorts of cosmetics. No cosmetic brand exists that you may not be able to find in the shops of Paris Gallery; so it is definitely a must-visit place for every woman.

Muslim and Indian women love make-up, and they are heavy make-up users. This is maybe to balance the wearing of hijab on the hair. As, after Arabic women the richest population are the Indians and Pakistanis, also loving all make-up and perfumes, it is no wonder that the Paris Gallery is so famous in Dubai. In real, the mostly bought goods of Paris Gallery are the perfumes. Everyone love perfumes, and they are great as gifts, so you can be sure to find all perfumes of the good brands and designers. Paris Gallery though does not only sell perfumes and crèmes, but also it sells luxury watches and sunglasses. For this reason, among the services of Paris Gallery you will also find the watch-repair service, as every on its watches are sold with a warranty of course but even your watch is not from there, they will repair it for you for a nice price. You can also find several luxury and great quality handbags sold over here.

The Paris Gallery located in the Deira City Centre is by far the largest store of the chain, offering its goods on two storeys. The most visited stores of Paris Gallery are definitely those that are located in the Dubai Mall and in the Deira City Centre. On the website of Paris Gallery, you can see the newcomers every day. Paris Gallery also has several promotions when it offers some of its goods at a discounted price.

Paris Gallery works in a franchise-system, which means anyone who has the place the money and the will to open another Paris Gallery can do so, of course according to the set-up terms and conditions of Paris Gallery. You may have heard that the best season for shopping in Dubai is the summer, when the Dubai Summer Surprises festival starts in June. During the summer months, Dubai is especially happy to welcome everyone and even most Dubai stores offer special discounts in this period of the year. Therefore, no wonder why it is good to visit Dubai these months.

However, do not worry if you are in Dubai, you have many ways to get discounts and coupons, even in the best stores of the city. In addition, Paris Gallery has regular events and promotional shows, so for sure it is one more reason for you to come to Dubai. You do not have to look for Paris Gallery in Dubai; you will find them in all big shopping malls of the downtown. So, whenever you want some pampering or you are out of any cosmetic products, do not hesitate to visit one Paris Gallery Store in Dubai. Paris Gallery offers you the luxury of shopping a great experience in Dubai.