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Debenhams Dubai

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Dubai is quite popular for its countless stores and shopping places such as shopping malls, shopping centres or marketplaces of all kind, so even if you come here with budget, surely you are on a good way to spend all your money, because the variety of all sorts of offers is huge in Dubai. Debenhams Dubai is only one of the few examples on the famous brand stores located in this metropolis, so if you have some time, then get to the Debenhams and see their great quality fashion items.

Debenhams is an English brand, which already makes it being a quality name in the world of prêt-a-porter fashion. There are about a hundred different Debenhams store all over England, and due to the  huge market, a couple of years ago, Debenhams decided to join in to open its very first shop in Dubai, more specifically, in the Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall is a shopping mall being an attraction in itself and it is a part of a complex called Burj Khalifa complex. This means that right next to the mall, which is the largest in the world; you will get to see two other world records, one in the form of a fountain system and other the enormous Burj Khalifa formerly known as Burj Dubai. So, if you get to see the Dubai Mall, be prepared to have these two beautiful formations too as the part of the complex.

Dubai Mall is indeed the biggest shopping mall of Dubai, so you can be sure to see many international stores over here, which you have never seen before. The famous Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, which is also one of its kinds, can be visited over here. You can see the huge Aquarium of the Zoo from two floors. Shopping here is really a unique experience. Now, let us get into the Debenhams to see their best offers for shopping.

Getting back to shopping at the Debenhams, it represents the British style, which usually means easy clothes, simple cut but made out of good and reliable materials. The Debenhams is ideal for women who like to dress up elegantly in the office and for those mainly middle aged who like to wear stylish dresses designed to bring out the best from a body-form. Debenhams, along with Marks & Spencer, belongs to the most popular English brands abroad.

Debenhams huge offer consists of men’s and women’s collections, lingerie, children’s collections, swimwear, accessories and home ware. You can be sure to find any fashion items that are suitable for office work or even for a night out. Nowadays, even the more traditional British stores have been trying to reach the younger generations by offering colourful designs in their stores. The Muslim women too like Debenhams, they prefer shopping here, if it comes to Western fashion stores, as its items are not revealing and can be definitively worn out on the streets without causing any atrocities. So, if you go on a shopping tour, do not miss the local Debenhams!