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Well, BHS is an abbreviation meaning British Home Stores. BHS is a very popular store in Great Britain selling not only fashion items and cosmetics, but also selling furniture and other interior must-haves, including home ware, kitchenware and interior decorations. With this quality, it is no wonder that BHS has quickly become one of the most famous shopping centers in Dubai. BHS is part of the huge Mall of the Emirates shopping mall.


At first, we may start to wonder how it is, as there are so many shopping centers in Dubai, so how can all shopping malls make a living, if the competitions are so strong? The answer is simple, as all shopping malls in Dubai are specialized, so when it came to decision on which shopping mall will house which international stores. Of course, there are many stores represented in many shopping centers, but for the big ones, which need a huge area, it is better to remain single. This way they can easily become a unique quality shop of one shopping centre. This is how it goes also with the Galeries Lafayette, represented in the Deira City Centre and with the Saks, which is exclusively found in the BurJuman shopping mall, and with the Debenhams and Bloomingdales both having their stores in the Dubai Mall.


BHS in Britain has several stores, many of them is categorized by having or not having wedding section and if they are exclusively for furniture and home decorations. BHS Dubai can be exclusively found in the Mall of the Emirates, the second mall in importance, coming after the Dubai Mall. Mall of the Emirates has huge number of visitors daily, which gives great opportunities for everyone to visit the huge BHS Store of Dubai.


Shopping is a highly popular social activity of many people over here, especially for women, of which still many works at home. BHS Dubai is a great place to spend a day. The shops also have several promotions and extra discounts during the whole year. The different sections of BHS include the following: home ware, furniture, lightning, electricals, women, lingerie, weddings, men, kids and baby, tammy, and gifts. Tammy is a section, which has special discount prices for many diverse items of the store. This is the discount section. BHS also offers delivery services, and hard discounts on delivery, offering even free delivery many times as part of a promotion.


As you see most written sections, you may also find in the other malls, the uniqueness of BHS lying in the diversity and that they sell so many different things. If you are to move to Dubai in the near future, this place is great for you to get some interior design ideas, or even to grab some of the discounted furniture.


We can say that the wedding section, which is the among the unique qualities of BHS, is the most popular shopping places as per both national and international shoppers who would like a beautiful wedding gown or costume at a good price. The variety of goods of BHS Dubai shopping centre are very suitable for those who spend more of their time at home, taking care of the household stuff.