Dubai is an excellent tourist destination for people throughout the world. People visit Dubai for a variety of reasons – business, holiday, vacation, and sight-seeing, but the most important reason for visitors to come to Dubai is only one – shopping.

People from all over the world come here for Dubai shopping to buy gold and gold jewellery as Dubai is the 'City of Gold' and it is an international hub for gold and gold jewelry. There are more than 600 jewelers in Dubai and more than 250 manufacturers of jewelry in Dubai alone. Visit any of the shops in the Gold Souk and look at all the gold jewelry on display. At any given time there would be tons of jewelry on display and seeing all that gold will leave you dazed and speechless.

Visit the Spice Souk in Dubai which is located on the Al-Sabhka Road which has also become a prominent tourist destination. The stores in the Spice Souk sell a variety of fragrances as well as spices and herbs which are used in South Asian cooking. The tradition of haggling or bargaining is also evident in the Spice Souk. Visit the Dubai Perfume Souk and you will see thousands of variety of perfumes and traditional ittars on sale. The different aromas which you will notice here will make your mind numb.

When you are in Dubai shopping, you will notice that the traditional shops of the souks have given way to the new culture of the modern air-conditioned shopping malls. There are a number of these malls in Dubai and the shops in these malls offer highly competitive prices. The shops in the mall sport all the world-famous brands and names. Most of the malls deal in everything – they sell anything from a pin to a Rolls Royce car! The malls are divided into different areas – the shopping areas, the kids’ area, the food court, and entertainment zones which have cinemas and other entertainment. There are a number of restaurants here in the food courts in the malls which offer mouth-watering traditional and international cuisine. The malls provide all facilities such as parking, prayer rooms, a dispensary, and child-care facilities.

The best time to do Dubai shopping is during the annual Dubai Shopping Festival when you have a lot of fantastic offers and bargains at all the shops. You will find that all the hotels are full and the roads are crowded with tourists, visitors, and local people. The festival lasts for a month and provides a number of opportunities for everyone. Some of the world’s most favored and superior brands are on sale here at almost throw-away prices. The goods on sale here at the festival include gold, jewelry, clothes, textiles, electronics, cosmetics, handicrafts, and cars.

A number of prizes are offered to shoppers through lucky draws and raffles, and the prizes include money, gold and even luxury cars. During the festival, a number of entertaining programs are held and the festivities include laser display, fireworks, fashion shows, and music con
certs. A number of airlines offer massive discounts and attract visitors with cheap flights to Dubai as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

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