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Out of all Arabic countries, we can freely say that the cuisine of Morocco has become the most famous, together with its beautiful decorations, music and colours. Visiting some of the best Moroccan restaurants always remains a great experience. So, let us see where can we go, if we would like to take the best of Morocco cuisines in Dubai.

Morocco is famous for its great cuisine because it uses many great ingredients and spices, making their foods look and taste really unique. The most known Moroccan dishes are the great couscous, the traditional Friday family dish, then comes the Harira, which is a great rich soup, mostly easten during the Ramadan season and in the winter. Then comes the tagine, the name of which is equal to the beautiful and popular clay holder in which it is served. Also tagine can be made out of any meats such as lamb, fish and chicken, which are the mostly used ones within family. Moroccan dish is really a must-try, especially if it will be your first meeting with the Arabic cuisine. So, let us enlist  some of the finest examples on great Moroccan restaurants in Dubai:

Almaz by Momo

Located in the Mall of the Emirates in Al Barsha. There is always something a little bit strange with the resuraurants which are located within a shopping mall, meaning that regarding the big crowds visiting the place day by day, you wouldn’t expect a first class restaurant here unless the prices are also first class. Surprisingly the prices of Momo are suitable and the food is simply great over here. The entrance from the outside looks funny with a huge pink neon sign which says "ALMAZ FOREVER”. When you enter, you will get surprised as you are not prepared to the great silent, rather dark interiors nicely decorated with traditional Moroccan lamps. The place has many booths as well. The staff is kind and helpful with suggestions. You can start with the Harira soup, which is served very well in here also tasting great. Try the kefta tagine for the main course, which contains meatballs made out of lamb cooked with tomatoes, potatoes and egges, the mostly used ingredients when cooking, in Morocco. The couscous of the restaurant is more than great, also its size is huge so do not order any other main course, one couscous is great for at least 2-3 people.


Marakech is a restaurant located in the Shangri La Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. Marakech is a restaurant which you would be visiting in any of the luxurious hotels in Morocco, with authentic decoration, the famous shisha, the live music, all serve and give a good backing to the whole atmosphere. The service is impeccable and the whole place is really elegant. Try one of the tagines here, especially the quail tagine which is the most suggested, and do not forget to taste the pastila bil hamam, which is a real Moroccan speciality made out of sweet pigeon meat served with almonds, egg and honey. The prices of the restaurant are surprisingly economical.

Sho Fee Ma Fee

This is a great, friendly authentic place, which is really flourishing in the souk atmosphere with friendly service, located in the Madinat Jumeirah. Try the traditional tagine made out of lamb over here. The place is nice for a lunch with economical prices.


So, these are only some of the many, but definitely the best Moroccan restaurants in Dubai. Visit one of the above listed Moroccan restaurants and surely you will have a memorable culinary experience.