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Dubai Karaoke Bars

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Dubai is starting to get more and more famous of its increasing night-out possibilities. There are colourful bars, restaurants, night clubs and discos of all kind, for all tastes. Dubai indeed is really great today, when it comes to clubbing and surprisingly on Dubai karaoke bars! Believe it or not, this Japanese singing frenzy, the Karaoke is also hip in Dubai, so not surprisingly Dubai is packed with karaoke bars. If you are up to having fun and at the same time allowing the crowd hear your voice and presentation, then you need to look for the best Dubai karaoke bars. Here, we enlist a couple of cool and unique Dubai karaoke bars:

Arbat Russian Club

Located in Deira, this place is one of the unique Dubai karaoke bars, with a great Russian atmosphere, music and of course the karaoke! This is a must-visit place if you like going out. Currently, the Arbat is the most famous and visited of the Dubai karaoke bars.


This is a real Japanese atmosphere restaurant and bar with the suitable interiors, staff and cuisine. This is the very first karaoke place of Dubai. Hibiki can be found in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, situated in Deira, close to the downtown of Dubai is a sure fun place to be. Hibiki as all real Japanese restaurant offers resting rooms for the guests. In Hibiki’s case, these rooms can be changed to a private karaoke party. It is a great idea for Japanese company meetings!

Manila 365

This is a Filipino place with all the authentic stuff, people and music of the Philippines. If you want a colourful night out, you should come here. This club can be found in Deira as well as a new partly district of Dubai city. In the Manila 365, you will really feel like you are in Manila. The karaoke is fun over here, and so is the authentic food and drink this place has to offer.

Double Decker

This is a real Londoner Pub packed with British, guaranteeing a great party atmosphere all night long with good English and Irish beers and fun music. The world famous London Double Decker bus inspires the shape of the Double Decker. Double Decker has Ladies’ night every week, where the women get free drinks all night. Double Decker, the former favourite of all Dubai karaoke bars, is getting back its fame due to its newly implemented gardens.

Checkers Bar

This great club belongs to the Majestic Hotel in Bur Dubai, and it guarantees fun all night long. According to local karaoke lovers, this is definitely a must visit place in Dubai.

Ciro’s Pomodoro

This is an Italian restaurant located a bit further from the centre of Dubai at Mina Seyahi, but the experience is guaranteed if you wish to travel there, with great Italian specialities and atmosphere hand in hand. The restaurant’s karaoke nights are held every Saturday.

As you see if you stay longer or for shorter time, you will see how enjoyable a night-out can be, while you are in Dubai, visiting the popular Dubai karaoke bars. All you do is to wonder where exactly you are, as it seems far away from the Muslim Dubai, you might see from the outside. You can visit even more Dubai karaoke bars if you ask information at the reception of your hotel.