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Living in Dubai

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Dubai is a famous country for its great hospitality and tourist orientation. Thousands visit Dubai everyday either for business or for simply vacationing. Dubai is a paradise for tourists, together with all the attractions, theme parks, wonderful new shopping malls, and shopping districts that this metropolis has to offer, not to mention the great shopping and sports facilities. Dubai has made several heavy efforts to be able to offer the most colorful palette of tourist services for everyone who is staying or living in Dubai.


In the last decade, Dubai had huge construction works aimed to host hundreds of thousands of newcomers who plan to settle in Dubai. For this reason, many new huge residence areas have also come up, specifically planned to host people from the Western countries, from the United States or from Europe. Therefore, for them, living in Dubai is like a long vacation. Dubai has also aimed luxury residences and districts for those who are probably the richest in the world with the Palm Islands and the construction of dozens of luxury skyscrapers in the new downtown area of Dubai. In addition, districts are under renovation in favor of the new districts for those who have the budget to move there.


Living in Dubai seems quite easy because the basic costs of living is not expensive with the exception of the price of the real estate, which is still high although the financial crisis has made them go much lower than they used to be before.


Even if Dubai has made visa regulations easier for those who live in the Western countries, but the visa regulations of Dubai are still quite strict, concerning the fact that it is still hard for anyone to go to another country in the Gulf area and go back, as each countries have very strict visa regulations. The United Arab Emirates has made it obligatory for tourists to obtain visa for entry to the country.


However, contrary to these facts Dubai offers many employment possibilities as well, for everyone all around the world, aiming to collect the best international working force. It is easy to go for a visa in the possession of an employment contract and several companies offer one or two return tickets too, for people who go to work in Dubai.


The basic rules on living in Dubai are not so strict. The usage of alcohol or any drugs is forbidden in Dubai; alcohol can only be consumed at home or in a tourist place like a hotel or tourist oriented bars and restaurants.


There are no rules limiting the basic dressing habits of Westerners and foreigners, although there are unwritten rules for women not to wear too revealing clothes. Dubai is still considered one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf Region. Women here have more rights and they can enter work in case they want to. Although the values of family are the most important over here for an Arabic family, the fact is that you will not see many locals in the downtown area of Dubai, as their number is the lowest in the area. Most people living here are from either Indian or Pakistani origin. The rich locals mainly live either in the Deira and Bur Dubai districts or in parts of the Jumeirah district.


Buying a real estate before has been strictly forbidden for non-citizens, but due to Dubai's targets and will to raise its income by letting expats buy flats and invest over there, Dubai has partially changed these laws regarding the new and planned investments where non-Dubaians can freely purchase a real estate. This way living in Dubai has become easier for foreigners.


Living in Dubai if you have a job, is great. If you are aiming to live there, obtain a tourist visa first and visit the town. See how living in Dubai is, in the eye of a tourist. See the basic possibilities over there, you can even go on some work interviews and then decide if you want to spend a longer time there or not. Moreover, find an apartment, have the work contract and the health insurance with a bank account, so from then on you will have free way to live in Dubai.