Working in in the city, getting Dubai jobs sounds great, at least sounded especially a few years ago as the cheapest Asian workforce is constantly filling up the market of the general workers. So what can we do if we still want to work in Dubai, to get a good job for good money? Where can we find the best Dubai jobs?

First, you will need the necessary qualifications, some experience, some phone numbers and references in order to prove this. You will need a well-established CV, which works. In addition, a nice and a well-written cover letter for each job you apply for.

Due to the larger than large constructions and the making of all sorts of business in basically all industries in the world, you can be sure that if you are patient enough, you will find the suitable job for you. One of the problems though is, that on most ads now, they put the note that only those may apply who already reside in Dubai, the other problem is the language. For this, try to get a company in your country, which has offices in Dubai where you could work, according to the laws of your country. The other solution is that you collect some money, sit on a plane and ready to spend a couple of weeks there as a tourist in order to apply for Dubai jobs and go for interviews. Well both choices are good enough.

The most looked after Dubai jobs include industrial technological jobs, IT jobs and Hotel or sales jobs. Almost all companies ask for a rich previous experience that is of course no wonder. Dubai wants to hire the best and the cheapest workforce in the same time.  If you do not speak Arabic or another foreign language, then it is better you start one as soon as possible. The English alone is not always enough unless you want to teach it later on and you have the necessary qualifications for it. Do not forget that Dubai jobs are for Dubai people on the first place and then come the rest.  

It is also notable that according to Dubai law, your employer may fire you at any time, without a word. Moreover, although Dubai seems to keep up with the chances, yet they give woman the work power as much in education and in working, these are still low.

If you are young and hungry for both experience and some adventure too, you should apply for the Emirates airlines, having flights everywhere in the world. They are continuously looking for young and energetic new employees, especially now, that the new airport of Dubai will soon be in use by civil aviation as well.  If you are a young man, look for some construction or driver jobs, although the construction works do not pay well. There are some special jobs like the outbuilding of telephone cables and such which are the better paying jobs.

So, do not hesitate, if you are up for the adventure and want to move to Dubai for a while. Construct a good and effective CV and start your job hunt first at home, then if this proves to be not enough, travel to Dubai, to see how things go there and how many chances you have.

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