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Fitness and health centres are starting to be a big business in Dubai too, which is no wonder. In the recent years, fitness centres are the places that are great for people to stay healthy, to lose weight and to be in company at the same time. New and new fitness centres are opening all over Dubai, to the pleasure of the thousands of expats living there. Sometime ago, fitness centres were limited only to the beach area but now, thinking of all the busy businessmen who would not like to spend much time with travelling, fitness centres are opening everywhere in the downtown area.

Here we will introduce you to some of the most popular Dubai fitness centres. You can easily get a monthly ticket to any of the clubs, but beware, as the popular clubs are very expensive. The monthly ticket at a good club might cost up to 3000 Dirham. This seems to be a high price, but if we take the facts that, the big health centres have even pools, steam baths and all the rest, which a good fitness centre might need. We have only place here to introduce four of the most popular fitness centres in Dubai but apart from this, there are dozens of popular health clubs.

The Aviation Club: Located on the Sharjah Road, Garhoud, it is open daily from 6am-11pm. This is a wholly equipped health club and fitness centre and it is among the Nr. 1 fitness centres in Dubai, mainly for the expats.  They do not have monthly but only annual membership possibilities, the price of which costs 5,000 Dirham for men and about a 1500 Dirham less for women. Daily course cost around 50 AUD. There is an extra service, that if someone pays multiple years, the first year only costs the half of the original price. There are other bargains for corporate members and couples. The Aviation Club is the place where the annual tennis tournament is being held. The Aviation Club has been reconstructed in 2005, to be bigger with more services. Here you can find six tennis courts, swimming pools, squash courts, sauna and steam room, diverse fitness rooms and even a gold course. There are aerobics classes teaching multiple sorts of aerobics and fat burning gymnastics.

The Big Apple : Located in the Emirates Towers Boulevard mall on Sheikh Zayed Road, it is open daily from 6am to10pm. This is the gym belonging to the Emirates Towers Hotel, owned by the Jumeirah Hotel Group, such as the fitness centre itself as well. This is a hi-tech gym and fitness centre for the businesspersons of Dubai. It is a smaller gym without many extras, but if you are targeting gym and fitness, it is the place for you. There are aerobic classes as well, teaching multiple sorts of aerobics. Membership is yearly also over here, costing around 3000 Dirham. Daily ticket cost around 30 Dirham. If you are a member, you can get cheaper services.

Nautilus Fitness Centre: Located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, it is open daily from 6 am to 10 pm. This is place where you can buy monthly membership as well. Membership for a month costs 400 AUD. If you are not a member, you must pay higher prices, so consider. Nautilus has a good gym, but it has more specialised in fitness and aerobics classes. Here you can learn power pump, tae-bo, yoga and even belly dancing. There is a squash court, ping-pong, sauna with steam room and even owns a swimming pool located outdoors.

Pharaoh's Club:  Located in the Wafi Pyramids in the Wafi Mall, Oud Metha, it opens from 6 am until 8 pm. A great quality club, together with its other part, the Cleopatra’s Spa, they create a great complex. It is one of the biggest fitness centre complexes in Dubai, where monthly membership costs 1000 Dirham’s and the yearly ticket costs 5500 Dirham. There are several discounts though. The Pharaoh’s Club is a very exclusive club that is elegant. The club has a great swimming pool and separate gyms for men and women. There are steam rooms, plunge pool and Jacuzzi. Extras include climbing wall, tennis courts, and squash courts. There are several sorts of fitness classes.

These were some of the best fitness centres in Dubai. Of course, big Dubai hotels all have great fitness centres, after some research you can get appropriate information on all the fitness clubs of Dubai and choose the one suiting your taste the best. For sure, some fitness will do you good.