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Dubai Universities

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Dubai is one if the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that has an eclectic mix of the modern and the traditional. It is situated on the Arabian Gulf, which is fringed with spectacular beaches. It is a vital part of commercial activity and therefore ideally situated for universities. The truly international and wealthy city of Dubai provides the opportunity of a higher education at a price much lower than elsewhere; this is due to the policies on education in Dubai. Costs are about half the price of elsewhere and the social life on offer is the best.


The amount of universities in Dubai has vastly increased over the last two decades and many universities are linked to distinguished universities elsewhere.  Most of these universities use English as their primary language. Several of Dubai universities present courses that lead to a variety of masters and PhD postgraduate qualifications. Intakes are May, July, August, September and November.


British University in Dubai

Established in 2004, this university is situated in Dubai International Academic City and works in partnership with top UK universities. It was created as a “Not for profit” university. Its benefactors are The Al Maktoum Foundation, Dubai Development and Investment Authority, the National Bank of Dubai and Rolls Royce.


American University in Dubai

This is a private university, which was built in 1995.  It has authorization from both the US and UAE and is organized into separate schools. It takes in students from the world over.


Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management

This Academy was founded in 2001 and focuses solely on tourism and management studies. It encourages dedication to studies in a dynamic environment as well as offering excellent sports and leisure activities.  There are opportunities to liaise with business experts on a daily basis. As an optional extra, students may opt to take the chance of spending a year studying at the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, in Switzerland. The Academy offers Bachelor of Science with honors in International Hospitality Management and an Associate degree in International Hospitality Operations.


Mahatma Gandhi University

This University is situated in the Priyadarsin Hills, which is close to the railway station in Dubai. It takes in 150,000 scholars a year and offers 210 courses in graduate, postgraduate, masters and doctorates. The students have excellent extracurricular activities.


University of Dubai

The University of Dubai was founded in1997 and is located centrally in Dubai although some classes are held in the Dubai Chambers, Diera. This university funds two scholarships a year from each dominion that is linked with Dubai. The University offers a good selection of extras, such as a counseling service, advocacy, dining room and a varied student program.


Job openings in Dubai are very encouraging. As the country continues to prosper, it welcomes individuals who have the right training and qualifications. With such a vast choice of universities currently on offer in Dubai, it is impossible to list them all, but there is plenty of information available on the Internet. Lists of all universities can easily be found by typing in your search box “universities in Dubai.”