Education in Dubai is of a high standard and the United Arab Emirates have a proactive attitude towards education. The system of education in Dubai was founded in the 1970´s and is structured on a four level method, spanning fourteen years of schooling through primary and secondary school. Education in Dubai begins with nursery school.


There are many nursery schools where English is taught as a first language.  Children from the age of two can attend; in fact, some nursery schools take children younger than this.


From four to five years old, children attend kindergarten.  Here they are taught: art, music, religion, English, Arabic and math plus other activities.


In Dubai, when they reach six years of age, they commence education in primary school. They remain here until they are twelve years old. The education system in Dubai intends that the children's skills extend to other languages including French, Hindu and in some cases Russian. Most schools have registers of pupils who wish to gain a place. Educated there until they reach the age of twelve, children do not attend in July or August as this is the summer break. In British schools, the school year commences in September but in all other schools it is April. Pupils are required to dress to an agreed style and school begins at 8am and finishes at 2pm.


Dubai has a good variety of secondary schools available to all. There are statutory subjects as well as options to consider.  Students start attending at the age of twelve until they reach the age of eighteen. Upon completion of secondary school education, the child receives a certificate.


When looking for educational facilities in Dubai, there are many things to consider. Does the school have a good reputation?  Word of mouth is the best advertisement that you can get as it is based on experience. Most schools, especially private ones, have their own sites on the Internet where you can see full details of what is on offer. Does it have a good following? Consider the pass rates of examinations and are the qualifications that are awarded recognized overseas? How many teachers are there to a class of how many pupils? Which countries are most represented by its pupils? See if you can find out how long, on average, the teachers have been at that establishment; a high turnover of staff could indicate underlying problems. Find out about disciplinary procedures and what the procedure is shall you need to remove your child from school. What is the security like? The biggest thing of all is to listen to your child, only they know if they are happy or not.


There has been an increase in the number of colleges and universities in Dubai over the past twenty years with, on average, a thirty percent rise in the number of both teaching staff and scholars. Most colleges and universities are linked closely with high-ranking universities overseas. In most cases, English is used as a first language. Dubai´s universities offer master’s and doctorate program's. Overall, education in Dubai is of a high standard and it is free for all from kindergarten to university. There is a vast choice of schooling in Dubai and only 40% prefer private schools.

Dubai Education      
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