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Dubai Villa Rentals

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Talking about Dubai apartments, the question of renting villa also comes up. Moreover, the villas are by far the best for enjoying a complete Dubai holiday, for the whole family. A villa might seem a luxury, but if you are intending to stay in Dubai for more than a month, then renting a villa or by any chance an apartment might be the most economical solution.

There are several hotels, which also include villas in their offers, for example the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, which has 19 villas available for the guests. The beautiful souk Madinat, located on the Jumeirah Beach also has offer of villas, the luxurious Beit Al Bahar Villas.

Beit Al Bahar is indeed a place where you feel to have stepped in a world of fairy tale indeed. With all of its luxurious amenities and simply beautiful site, the Beir Al Bahar suits the expectations of even the choosiest. The villas are located minutes away from the Jumeirah Beach and right behind the complex, you may find the Wild Wadi Water Park, a wonderful Aquaworld with hundreds of attractions.

Moreover, of course, we do not stop at Beir Al Bahar; we are to go further, to tell you more about all the villa possibilities of Dubai. The centre of renting Dubai villas in all sizes, in on the Palm Jumeirah Island, where there are dozens of smaller and bigger villas for rent. The villas have different names, and you can view them on the internet. A company called Dubai Holiday Villa gives them all for rent.

On the website of Dubai Explorer, you can see different villas and apartments for rent all around Dubai. The rental of a normal size villa costs around AED 15-20,000, the luxury villas cost more though, but for an AED 15,000 you can find a double bedroom villa in a nice part of Dubai. Of course, you can also look when you are in Dubai, to rent from locals and not a company.

We must also add here, that many people who buy or build villas in Dubai, they do it for investment reasons, and the best income in Dubai is to rent a villa or a house, even an apartment especially in the high and peak seasons.

If you want to find good villas in Dubai, all you need to do is to invest some time, go and look them up. This is in fact the only way you can see if that villa really suits you or not, also the quality of the villa. Do not pay large sums on the internet without actually seeing the villa you are to rent, as the frauds are usual in here, and it is bad when you see, that you have paid for something worth not even half its price.

If you contact any Dubai tourist information help-centre or any specialized travel agencies, they are most trustable in their offers; they make it a lot easier for you to find the Dubai villa you would prefer the most. Dubai villas are so much to find in Dubai, but real estate agencies or tour operators mostly advertise the good quality villas.