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Atlantis Hotel Dubai

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When you are in Dubai and want to have fun during your cultural trips, the Atlantis Hotel for sure offers you a wonderful day to spend! The Atlantis Hotel, or more specifically either called Atlantis, the Palm or Atlantis, the Bay Hotel, gives you a great leisure time, even when you do not want to book a room there.


The Atlantis Hotel, which is in function from 2008, is situated in the wealthy and most beautiful region of Dubai, called Palm Jumeriah. The Atlantis Hotel is built specifically to enjoy all benefits the seawater can give. If we look at it, we will see the resemblance of the Hotel to its "elder brother", which is the most popular and most-visited hotel in Nassau, Bahamas. It is really no wonder, as both hotels planned and built by the same hotel group.


Atlantis The PalmThe Atlantis Hotel is really one of the hugest hotels, not only in the Emirates but also all over the world. Thanks to its location, if you choose this hotel, you can get to try all water sports and all water-connected facilities such as the Aquatic Gardens or the Ambassador’s Lagoon, where one can see and learn about sea-life.


There is a huge water-park belonging to the Atlantis Hotel, in which everyone can have fun, especially the children as it was designed specifically for them. They can make a long journey through the "Lost Chamber", which is in fact a playful water-labyrinth going under the water, where everyone can enjoy the site of the countless, various fish-hordes in virtually every colours that exist. There is also a special dolphinarium, which is not an ordinary one, but much bigger and with much more fantasy and it is called the Dolphin Bay. The Dolphin Bay of the Atlantis Hotel is part of the fun to all those who would like to see how clever these beautiful animals are. With not only dolphins, but also orcas, and seals, it has an Education Centre specifically for the children to learn more about the featured animals and even to teach them themselves!


The Atlantis Hotel is alone standing in many other ways with its uniquely designed rooms, with several elements of the most beautiful traditional Islamic architecture. Further, each room is with a view to the beautiful sea. Moreover, if one would like to shop something, there is a huge shopping centre just around the corner, together with just every facility in order to serve the needs of every generation of visitors.


And if one would like to enjoy some time out of the Atlantis Hotel, there are several activities which one can book any day in the hotel or even directly taken there by the hotel shuttle. Out of these attractions, the most famous is definitely the journey to the Dubai Ski Resort.


Thus, we can see that the Atlantis Hotel has countless ways for one to enjoy sea-life, and due to its unique location and attractions, the Atlantis Hotel is really a must-see! There are daily-tour possibilities and daily-tickets to the water-park as well, which can be booked directly from the website of the resort.