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Dubai Summer Surprises

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Even you have not visited Dubai yet, surely, you may have heard that this is an unbelievably rich emirate and it is definitely among the greatest spenders in the world. For Dubai, your entertainment is the most important. The sheikh of Dubai aims to transform Dubai to an entirely tourist and visitor friendly, intercultural attraction in itself, where people would love to be, and would love to live. In addition, Dubai does a lot in order to make this will come true. We might have heard of the importance of shopping in Dubai, as one of its attractions not to miss. Dubai Summer Surprises is a festival that puts also high emphasis on shopping and entertainment in the same time. Dubai Summer Surprises has been specifically made to pull visitors in the area also in the summer season, which for Dubai is the hardest to survive, as the number of tourists becomes understandably much lower, not being able to bear the hot weather. 


Dubai Summer Surprises generally takes place each June and July annually, and it is the so-called summertime Dubai Shopping Festival. This year Dubai Summer Surprises will start on the 22nd of June lasting until the 31th of July. The very first Dubai Summer Surprises Festival was held in 1998. The idea of making this festival was also to promote family holidays in Dubai. Dubai Summer Surprises with all its fantastic programmes and great discounts in various shopping malls of Dubai with extra entertainment programmes today counts as one of the most important period in a year.


The festival is seemingly delegated by a mascot called Modhesh meaning wonderful in Arabic. Modhesh has his own theme park at this time of the year as his base and offers children to have lots of fun with him. However, it is only one of the dozens of entertaining programmes held during the Dubai Summer Surprises. Dubai Summer Surprises festival has more segments, starting with Flower Surprises and going of with sweets, arts, colour, ice, adventure, cartoon, heritage, knowledge and ultimately ending with Back-2-School Surprises. During the time of all these periods, the emphasis is mainly on the theme of the surprise. Knowledge and Back-2-School Surprises are held to boost the will and motivation of children to learn, and to concentrate on the happiness of studying.


Most programs of Dubai Summer Surprises are bilingual, English and Arabic; so that tourist families can also join in. Needless to say, that this festival aims the children. So get your family and join in to all the great and colourful programs of Dubai Summer Surprises, you will see it is really worth.