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Dubai Shopping Festival

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You might have heard of Dubai, known as the Mecca of shoppers, so if you are into shopping, then your place is in Dubai! When shopping in Dubai, visit the popular Dubai Shopping Festival. Dubai has it all, and to bring all its numerous shopping centres and other shopping facilities under one roof, creates a festival, dedicated to shopping and having fun. This festival, called Dubai Shopping Festival operates as a 30-day long annual event held in the centre of Dubai.  


Everyone, who has heard of Dubai, surely knows that Dubai is especially famous for its shopping facilities. No Dubai vacation can be conducted without visiting at least some of its most famous shopping malls, some of which are indeed part of Dubai’s touristic attractions in their outlook just like the Ibn Battuta Mall, which consists of different areas, all created to represent a diverse culture in architectural ways. Talking about the Dubai Mall, it is the largest shopping mall in the world, and being part of the Burj Khalifa complex, it contains the highest buildings in the world, together with the largest fountain network in the world, the Dubai Fountain! It is a must-visit place of Dubai. 


Among the reasons behind the foundation of Dubai Shopping Festival, we find the will to make retail-trading flourish again in Dubai, together with the tourism reasons, as such, an event attracts thousands of people. Moreover, since the very first Dubai Shopping Festival held back in 1996, this event is one great attraction of Dubai. During this event, which lasts a month, you will find great discounts in every shops and shopping malls of Dubai. You can buy good brands at a cheaper price. All shopping malls and shopping complexes are full of people during the Dubai Shopping Festival. In addition, there are a lot more entertaining events held all around the metropolis dedicated to the Dubai Shopping Festival, and you can enjoy the daily fireworks above the city every single evening during this event.


Initially, it was the idea of Dubai Shopping Festival, which also brought up the idea of making a global village where all nations of the world can see their goods and represent their cultures and country. That is how Global Village came to realisation, as one huge project within the ultimate Dubailand project. Although we might not see the entire Dubailand in this decade, yet the Global Village is a functioning complex, representing many cultures, not only with their goods but also with the look of the buildings that they are selling and also with various cultural attractions, representing different countries.


Dubai Shopping Festival starts in middle of February and lasts around thirty days. The only year when the festival had cancellations was in 2006, the year when the father of today’s Sheikh of Dubai, had passed away. Ever since, Dubai Shopping Festival is representing one of the greatest touristic pulling forces in the business life of Dubai. Therefore, if you have some free time in the month of February and you would love to enjoy some beach–holidays together with a bunch of great shopping possibilities, then your place is in Dubai. Only, do not forget to book your hotel and plane tickets well in advance!