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Dubai Tourism

Middle-East : Dubai

Dubai tourism is currently among the most profitable industrial sectors of the emirate. Due to their will to make Dubai crash into the global tourism market with sky-high tourism potentials, today Dubai is a sure favourite among the people. With hundreds of offers on sites and attractions to see and experience, Dubai tourism is currently on the peak. Therefore, it is time for you to experience all that Dubai has on offer.

Dubai, the Pearl of the Gulf is among the fastest developing and richest mini–states in the world. Although the emirates is only one out of the seven total emirates that form United Arab Emirates, but in many ways the importance of Dubai is so overwhelming that it could as well be a state of its own. The emirate itself is not much larger than its city. Dubai’s royal family has long been the second in importance, following the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi who is ruling the whole United Arab Emirates. Dubai has long been ruled by the Al Maktoum family whose name you will definitely see a lot while being in Dubai, together with the photo of the current Sheikh whose photograph is to hang on the wall of every single shop and service facility. Today’s Sheikh has done a lot in transforming Dubai into a tourism empire of the Middle East. Moreover, Dubai today, thanks to Emirates Airlines is the most visited country, for tourism reasons in the Middle East. By saying tourists, we mean all those who actually carry the touristic demand to consume, sleep somewhere and spend its money on different souvenirs and other things during their holiday in the city. Also, the beautiful beachside of Dubai and the Jumeirah Beach serves tourists as a more than great motivation to visit Dubai.

Over the last decade, Dubai has brilliantly prepared for all sorts of tourists. The city is full of hotels, resorts, business installations, theme parks and water parks and tons of shopping malls in order to suite everyone’s flavour. The city is prepared for all budgets. For those who mind their money, there are cheap but great solutions to have fun. For the rich, it is only the sky, which might limit them. There are all sorts of cultural and touristic programs offered by dozens of different travel agencies. The huge resorts of Dubai are so big that you would spend a whole week there without actually coming out. The most famous excursions include the normal or the hop-on, hop-off sightseeing tours, the dhow-cruises on the Dubai Creek, the famous desert safaris and the visiting of the Wadi or Oasis nearby Dubai, including the Hatta prehistoric villages. There are shopping tours for the busy and there are special tours for those who want to visit the best diving places around Dubai. Inside the city, there is no chance for you to get bored, as there is simply so much to do and so much to see. There are tons of shopping possibilities, ranging from the Arabic souks to the shiniest shopping malls.

Dubai tourism is extremely successful because it gives chance for every generation to find their best way of leisure in or outside the city. There are thousands of people arriving daily in Dubai to explore its cultural and touristic treasures or simply to have fun on the beach. Dubai is a great chance for everyone to have the best holiday in his or her lives.