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Sheikh Zayed Road

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If we can call Jumeirah Beach the Heart of Dubai, then the Sheikh Zayed Road has all the reasons to be named the main artery of not only Dubai, but also the whole United Arab Emirates. Most of the main modern and ultramodern attractions and many of Dubai’s strategically important buildings and skyscrapers are all situated along the Sheikh Zayed Road, the road of highest importance in Dubai.

Sheikh Zayed RoadThe Sheikh Zayed Road crosses the whole downtown of Dubai, giving a great chance for everyone to explore the modern parts of Dubai. The main reason of building the Sheikh Zayed Road is to create a road between the biggest towns of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi and Dubai with the most effective road, serving a huge traffic day-by-day. The name of Sheikh Zayed Road as a highway is E11. If we want to see the modern architectural wonders, we can just take a stroll along the Sheikh Zayed Road in the downtown of Dubai. The road runs very close to the seaside of Dubai, which makes it even easier to access the very famous and popular Jumeirah Beach or to look at the world famous Dubai Islands. This is a place which for sure most of us have heard of, giving home to the most exclusive, elegant resorts in the world and also home to the wealthiest from all over the world. Unfortunately, there is no access to the living area, but there is chance to see it close-by, and to take a stroll on the main roads of this giant and wonderful resort.

Along the Sheikh Zayed Road lies the trademark building of Dubai, the huge and magnificent Burj Al Arab Hotel, which everyone knows by the numerous ads or touristic brochures advertising the attractions of Dubai. The huge World Trade Centre complex is also situated on the Sheikh Zayed Road, with the Emirates Towers and the Burj Khalifa just nearby. Burj Khalifa, which was completed in 2009, with its 880 meters, is today’s highest building in the whole world and in real life; it looks even more magnificent than in the photos. The best time to see it is in the early evening hours, when is about to get dark, it is when you can take the most beautiful photos of this giant, being beautifully lighted.

If you walk a bit further down the road, you will get to see the most luxurious resorts of Dubai such as the widely known and anticipated luxury golf club the Emirates Golf Club, as a part of the enormous Emirates Hills luxury area.

The Sheikh Zayed Road also finds the brand new exclusive living-district, the Dubai Marina here. It is almost completed now, with its beautiful lagoons and countless ultramodern skyscrapers. It is definitely a must-see.

As we can see Sheikh Zayed Road is really the artery of Dubai, serving the biggest traffic in the downtown area and outside of town has the key–role in transportation as well. There is a brand new metro line completed just recently running along the Sheikh Zayed Road. Therefore, in case you get tired of walking, you can freely take a metro too, in order to get to know the beauties of Dubai even better.