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Oud Metha

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Although there are countless sites and attractions all over Dubai, if you have more time to spend in this city it is necessary to know a little bit more about its many districts and areas. One can probably hear Oud Metha’s other name, Al Nasr, mentioned a little bit more than Oud Mehta, although the two names cover the very same area. Therefore, here is the chance to see why.


In the past decades, football or soccer has become one of the most popular sports in the whole Middle Eastern Area. Middle Eastern groups now successfully take part in many international competitions as well, and inside the Middle East, there are several other national cups. For example, the United Arab Emirates league gives the chance to the population of the Emirates to visit and watch a lot of football match every day. Football is by far the most popular sport also in the United Arab Emirates. Oud Metha district is well known mostly by its other name, Al Nasr, meaning "victory" in Arabic, and the reason of this is the highly famous Al Nasr team, the main football team of the United Arab Emirates, whose base is also situated in the Oud Metha district. Al Nasr is also the oldest football team of the Emirates, founded already back in 1945! The team has been successful ever since scoring victories in the Asian Cup and the Asian Club Championships too, to name a few examples. The Al Nasr SC also led the area of Oud Metha to offer several various sports facilities in its whole area.


Oud Metha or Al Nasr has other popular sites such as Karama quite visited by all the locals of Dubai, for its colourful international cuisine and several bargains. This is the cheapest and biggest-selling area of every kind of goods. Non-Dubai citizens, ranging from Indians to Filipinos, mainly inhabit the Karama quarter, which is the reason of its many diverse authentic restaurants, shops, bars and its clubs, and even an American Hospital can be found here.


Oud Metha for this reason also has many different national schools, for example, the Indian High School or the St. Mary’s Catholic High School aiming for the education of certain nationalities. Here we can also find big Iranian, Pakistani patriotic and cultural Clubs.


The main attractions of the Oud Metha include Al Nasr Leisureland, which is a great place for the children to enjoy its many playful attractions. In the area of Al Nasr Leisureland, there is also much chance to do sports, one main site being its huge ice-skating rink. This is an all-yearlong facility to offer great leisure and fun time to as many locals as well as tourists. 


The mostly visited shopping mall in the area and all over Dubai is the Lamcy Plaza, selling everything in its huge area, being one of the biggest and at the same time oldest malls of Dubai, including over one hundred shops.

Oud Metha is quite close to both Creek Park and the old-town district Bur Dubai as well. Therefore, after enjoying the great sports and fun activities of Oud Metha, you can keep on walking to visit another district of Dubai as well!