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Jumeirah is currently the most known and commonly used name all around the United Arab Emirates. This has many reasons, but to start with, the most important to us, the Jumeirah district consists most of the cultural and historical beauties of Dubai.


Jumeirah once was the name of the area where today Dubai is situated. It was once one stop of the main route connecting far-away lands, going through this area, all merchants transporting their goods to sell or as already bought. In Jumeirah, people of this period had just found how to get hold of their main treasure, which has later become  the  main export good of Dubai, what has later made it one of the most important business port in the Middle East. This treasure was their great quality pearls, due to which Dubai has started to earn its name and reputation in the business life of whole region.


The Jumeirah district has all the historical beauty we cannot miss to see when we are in Dubai. One of these is definitely the Medina areas of Dubai, the Bur Dubai and the Deira sections, which also inhabit several smaller quarters inside their area. Historical treasures contain the picturesque Al Faqidi Fort, today hosting the most important historical museums the Dubai Museum. Here you can find beautiful streets such as the Bastakiya quarter, offering all unique architecture of the houses and their narrow streets. The souks of Deira and Bur Dubai are the most popular in the city, offering a great experience and time to spend there.


The Jumeirah Beach hosts countless wonderful, unforgettable sites, complexes and fun parks such as the Wild Wadi Water Park, which is one of the best water-parks in the whole world with great and unique attractions for visitors of every age. We can see such gigantic wonders as the brand new Dubai Marina, which is going to have the biggest and highest jungle of skyscrapers reaching the height of 400 metres! You can see the iconic trademark of Dubai, the Burj al Arab hotel. Not to mention the funny Dolphinarium, and the world-wide famous Palm island complex, which also hosts one of the biggest and most beautiful hotel in Dubai called Atlantis the Palm, including the highly popular Aquaventure Theme Park.


The name Jumeirah is owned by one of the most famous hotel-chains of Dubai, the Jumeirah Hotel Group who own many luxurious hotels all around the world. In Dubai, their most famous hotels are the Jumeirah Beach, the Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Emirates Tower Hotel. All of them are a must-see if only from outside. Wild Wadi Park is also operated by this hotel-chain and they are currently taking part in many future projects of Dubai, as developers and as investors, for example, in the Dubailand project.


Jumeirah is the heart of Dubai, so do not miss it. The main artery of Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road goes just next to Jumeirah Beach, leading into the centre of Jumeirah, so it is very easy to get there.