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Jebel Ali

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Jebel Ali is a relatively new district of Dubai but its importance is continuously growing, specifically in the industrial life of Dubai. The touristic importance of Jebel Ali district is also getting higher-rated due to its beautiful resorts, offering several types of sport-facilities.

Jebel Ali district is situated south-west of Dubai downtown and the district first became known of the huge construction works, which have started already back in the Seventies’ regarding its huge port, which is to take over all cargo shipments coming to, and going out of Dubai. The Jebel Ali Freezone, still under construction will open new doors, representing a new era in the industrial life of Dubai. The Freezone is to host international companies, and its speciality is, hiding in the word Freezone, that in this area, there are absolutely no taxes reduced, no matter whatever activity we undertake. An additional international airport will soon support the Jebel Ali area. It is already under construction, and will have name as Al Maktoum International Airport. The airport’s cargo part is already in operations.

Today, the harbour of Jebel Ali district lies on an area of more than a hundred square kilometres, which means Jebel Ali Port is currently the largest port ever constructed in the world. 

However, Jebel Ali is not only important for this reason. They also put high emphasis to develop the tourism attractions and activities. The good thing in Jebel Ali district is that it offers much more water sports possibilities than the Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, as it is located outside the city. Therefore, if you want to try any water-sports, from waterskiing to paragliding, then Jebel Ali is the best place to do so. In addition, it is only one of the dozens of specific attractions. You can also exercise horse riding and shooting in Jebel Ali.

Jebel Ali district, also known as Mina Jebel Ali, used to be a separate village, but today it is the outskirt district of Dubai. The former–village area of Jebel Ali is around thirty kilometres from Dubai, but with the construction of metro-lines, going also to Jebel Ali, this distance will seem a lot lesser than it used to be before. Long time ago, the foreign workers mainly occupied Jebel Ali.

The resorts and the hotels of Jebel Ali district are becoming famous, for their more relaxed atmosphere and enlarged variety of facilities. The most popular resort of Jebel Ali is definitely the Jebel Ali Resort and Spa. You can play golf here, learn diving, surfing, jet skiing or by any chance, you can try horse riding and shooting within the same area. The list is far from being finished. Here you can take-off within a seaplane flight, you can learn and experience diving and what more, there are great possibilities for the fans of fishing to catch some unique fishes!

As you can see, Jebel Ali district has so much to offer. If you visit Dubai and you are a big fan of all types of sports, then do not miss to visit Jebel Ali. You will see that this district is the best place ever for you.