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When it comes to the best international yet relaxed places to stay in Dubai, then the Al Garhoud or simply Garhoud district would be on the podium among the first three medallists. Garhoud is by far one of the best places to spend shorter or longer time, and see an Irish Village inside the Emirates.

Due to Al Garhoud’s location within Dubai, it is one of the most popular leisure places in the city. It locates next to the flowing water of Dubai Creek, just next to Dubai Creek Park. Not too far from the two historical centres of Dubai, the Bur Dubai and Deira old-city centres and neither too far away from the sea and the Jumeirah Beach, and gifted with beautiful surroundings, Al Garhoud is the place to be when on a holiday.

This is the reason why it stuffs with hotels, restaurants, bars and all types of entertainment. As Al Garhoud is very close to the Dubai International Airport, you can get to see people here from every country in the world. The airplane staffs of several international airlines also enjoy their longer or shorter breaks in one of the cosy hotels or cool restaurants of Al Garhoud. The district is not only the official rest-place or rest-base of the crew of the Emirates, but also the headquarters of the airline. It even has an impressive Aviation Club, which gives home to the one and only Irish Village of Dubai. Just by this, we can be sure that it is a fun place to be, with all the Irish traditional music, even dances! In addition, where there is an Irish pub, where you can find some funny Irishman inside of it, chanting some of the favourite Irish songs, or watching a great soccer game. Not to mention, it has many shows, mostly performed by guest-artists, such as singers or cabaret artists. Irish Village offers and stores the highest variety and amount of beers, mainly Irish, but you can also find some Belgian, German or Czech specialities. Irish Village also offers several Irish and intercontinental meals.

Hotels that are the most worth mentioning in Garhoud are the Al Bustan Hotel and Le Meridien Hotel, the latter one interestingly also operating an Irish Bar called the Dubliners.

Moreover, if you would like to have some nice walks, then a walk to the Deira district is the best solution. Here you can find many of Dubai’s cultural treasure, its traditional narrow streets and beautiful Arabic style houses with the main speciality, the souk, or marketplace, which is definitely a must-see for everyone. Best time to visit Deira, specifically its souks are the morning hours, starting from 08:00.

Al Garhoud is a great place to visit, and the best time to visit is from the late afternoon hours, when the streets are full with people and have a happy atmosphere. If you plan to visit Dubai for the first time and aiming for fun, then the best place to book a hotel at is the Garhoud district.