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Dubai Creek

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The ones, who have already visited Dubai, this magnificent and enormous metropolis, for sure know how important role the Dubai Creek plays in the everyday-life of Dubai. Dubai Creek, the "river" of Dubai is really a must-visit site. However, be prepared, because it will take a couple of days to explore the whole list of attractions found over here!

The Dubai Creek has been the centre of Dubai for a long-long time. It is natural, as it gives countless chances to use for the locals, most importantly enabling them to use water-transportation, which has a key-role over here, just as everywhere else in the world.

That is exactly why the main old-cities Bur Dubai and the Deira districts are all situated next to Dubai Creek. In fact, Dubai Creek divides them. Still today, there are many boats, water-taxis, Yachts and many other water-vehicles, using Dubai Creek every day.

The main districts situated along Dubai Creek are Al Karama, Al Sabkha, and Garhoud in the downtown area. Each district is different from each other, so all of them are really worth seeing! The Bur Dubai and Garhoud districts are the ones, which offer the most of the restaurants, bars and entertainment zones.

Among the many attractions, which we can find along Dubai Creek, we must mention the Dubai Wonderland Theme Park. It is one of the oldest and still the biggest theme park mainly for children, but specifically designed so that each generation would find their entertainment and leisure time over there. Here we can find the huge Dubai Creek Golf Club, which is indeed a beautiful place to visit, of course for those who would like see its beautiful green fields and by any chance, to play a little golf.

There is a great chance to look around Dubai Creek within a couple of hours that is when we go along by using water taxi or water boat, out of which, there are those that go regularly such as the Vaporettos of Venice in Italy. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a little bit of longer time on the water, there are several chances and offers for many types of water-sightseeing tours as well!

The nicest stations when taking the water taxi are definitely the Dubai Old Souq Marine Transport Station of Bur Dubai and the Al Shindagha Marine Transport Station, which is just at the end of Dubai Creek, by the sea.

Other famous complexes of Dubai Creek include the huge Business Bay complex, which is a brand new project, only partly ready now and soon to be realised. Then, the enormous Lagoons resident-village complex, such a unique one, will be one of the main attractions of Dubai when ready; will also be here, by the Dubai Creek.